Sign of the Times: 12-Year Old Arrested for Breaking Wind

By: John Lillpop

Before the November 4 elections, conservatives like yours truly repeatedly warned the American people that electing liberals would lead to massive waves of decadence and immorality, especially among the young and impressionable.

That prudent warning, scoffed at by left wing zealots, is coming to pass. Take for example the story of twelve-year old brat who was arrested for deliberately breaking wind to disrupt classmates.

The young bounder was arrested, mind you. Not just warned or given detention, or paddled on the behind, but actually arrested and charged with “disruption of a school function.”

Officials stress that it could have been much worse. The lad could have been charged with releasing toxic substances that lead to global warming, a felony offense in very liberal states.

Breaking wind is a serious crime against humanity that should not be taken lightly. Children who break wind and are not immediately punished for doing so are at risk of growing up to be Democrat politicians and other anti-social characters.

Help stop the pandemic of wind breaking that is threatening our civilization!

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