Fractured States of America: ALIPAC Responds to Russian Predictions of US Destruction


ALIPAC is calling for immediate investigations and a nationwide crackdown on illegal immigration in response to high level Russian spokesman, Igor Panarin’s, predictions that the economic collapse and rampant illegal immigration will lead to the breakup of the US and deployment of a new currency called the ‘Amero’.

“Panarin is claiming the US has a severe internal security problem due to massive illegal immigration and as we move to try to save our economy, we must move to protect American jobs, American security, American sovereignty, and our national unity from the negative impacts of illegal immigration,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “We need to accelerate the current reversal of illegal immigration by deploying the US military to the borders and intensifying enforcement levels and deportations nationwide immediately!”

The US currently has over 39,000 Chinese illegal aliens in detention centers at taxpayer expense, with many more at large in America, while the Chinese government refuses to allow US authorities to repatriate them. Millions of illegal aliens have recently flooded into America from Central and South America, fostering the rise of documented separatist movements in the South West United States.

Panarin’s predictions are circulating through the national media today containing the explosive statements the US will fracture into regions. He predicts Canada will gain influence in northern states, with China’s influence dominating the West Coast, and Mexico’s influence dominating the South West. Panarin also has now become the highest level official to claim that the US, Mexico, and Canada have conspired to form a new currency called the ‘Amero’ in 2006, under the Bush administration’s Security and Prosperity Partnership (

“For several years, we have been warning Americans of what we have termed the North American Union,” said William Gheen. “We have contended that illegal immigration has been fostered to force Americans into an economic union by blending the labor and consumer markets of North America. Now that the Russians are talking about the Amero openly to the global media, we demand an immediate investigation and full disclosure from our government about the extent of behind the scenes planning for economic mergers and new currencies. We want to know, if the non-enforcement of our existing immigration laws has been used to force Americans into a greater economic union that we would never voluntarily agree to.”

ALIPAC is encouraging the American media and lawmakers to dig deep into these issues in an effort to forewarn the American populace about this possible new currency plan, which Panarin claims was forged without media coverage, without public awareness, and without Congressional oversight in 2006. ALIPAC is calling for renewed energy in immigration enforcement to address the fractures in America that are being formed by rampant illegal immigration and the presence of millions of non-assimilated people, which have negative views about the United States of America and owe no loyalty to the US Constitution.

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