Disabled Veterans Benefits – Why We Need Improvements

By: Guest Authors

By Kyle B Taylor

The seemingly endless struggle of the US soldiers in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to achieve peace in those regions have, sadly, not gone without incurring heavy tolls upon those who have risked their lives for the cause. Over more than 20,000 men and women who have volunteered to serve and protect their country come home from Afghanistan and Iraq sustaining wounds that completely alter their lives forever. Such is perhaps the saddest reality that the only way US troops get to come home even when the on going struggle in the Middle East ensues is when they become too disabled to function even in times of peace.

Even after they have been relieved of the burdens of war when they get home, these disabled veterans are forced to struggle in a new fight within themselves in claiming the disabled veteran benefits that the government has promised them and their families. The current system possesses more than enough flaws to make it hard for these already disabled and aged veterans to get benefits such as hospital treatment.

Matters of red tape and delays are so abundant that even disabled veterans who manage to go through with the already tasking job of handling tons of paperwork for applying for benefits still find their efforts to be in vain because, more often than not, they end up with very little or nothing at all. In hospitals, veterans are often overlooked and are not prioritized, forcing them to wait in line amongst relatively healthier and more capable patients when getting their check ups. The competence of those working in hospitals as well as offices concerned also cause inconveniences for veterans because of the uncommon cases of misplaced data or paperwork or failed transactions that cause delays of all kinds. Even worse are those cases where disabled veterans are dismayed to find that they are rejected by government agencies because they were “unqualified” to claim these benefits.

To most people, these might seem like minor inconveniences that they can afford to live with. But when we talk about individuals who have risked their lives and limbs for the country who end up being unable to support them or their families, these inconveniences become great losses that can become unbearable.

It is the duty of the state and its people to exert effort to be thankful to those who have diligently served the country, and disabled war veterans should be on top of the list. If we cannot even give the least to thank them for their lifetime dedication by making sure they and their families are protected and secure, these veterans will feel the greater loss of the state’s ungratefulness that no physical disability can even amount to.

Want to help our veterans? Donate to the Army via the USO.

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