Governor Sarah Palin, Still a Superstar!

By: John Lillpop

According to this story, Governor Sarah Palin’s star has not lost any of its twinkle. In fact, she is being inundated with offers for books, movie cameos, and talk show appearances.

Palin’s spokesman, Bill McAllister, is quoted a saying the following about the growing media frenzy surrounding his famous client:

“Tomorrow, Governor Palin could do an interview with any news media on the planet,” McAllister says, “Tomorrow, she could probably sign any one of a dozen book deals. She could start talking to people about a documentary or a movie on her life. That’s the level we are at here.”

A tip for Governor Palin: When Oprah calls, just scream “Go to bloody hell!” into the phone and hang up!

You go, Governor!

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