Imported Products Recalled Six to One over USA Made

By: Guest Authors

By: Jim Palmer

Since January 2008 until November 25th has tracked the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalls and discovered that a large percentage have been imports.

“These staggering numbers are a huge disappointment for consumers who rely on manufacturers to provide safe and reliable goods,” said spokesperson Jim Palmer.

Of the 339 recalls posted 296 were imports and 50 were produced in the USA. Three were not counted because the products were stated as being produced both in the USA and China.

Many of the imported product recalls involve more lead tainted toys and other hazards. While some of the USA Made products had potentially severe hazards, none had reported deaths associated with the use of these products.

Several children have died from some of the imported products. Most recently a child became entangled in the cords of blinds produced in India. Another near death was recently reported when a two year old girl became entangled in the cord of blinds produced in China. Fortunately this child did not die because according to the recall report “her 5-year-old brother lifted his sister, who was gasping for air, from the cord entanglement.”

“American consumers need to look at the labels and choose products Made in the USA when shopping not only for the holidays, but year round. This not only adds a layer of protection to consumers it also helps to keep our economy flowing by keeping Americans working and keeping the money in our country.” Palmer added.

The recalls may be viewed by visiting the at

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