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November 24, 2008

Media Only Just Notices Obama Has Thin Resume?

Filed under: Academia, Media & Hollywood,What The F@#K?!? - 24 Nov 2008

Interestingly, Dan Morain of the L.A. Times had discovered back in April that Barack Obama has a pretty thin resume prior to being elevated to the presidency. Between 1993 and ’96, Obama, the much-ballyhooed “Constitutional scholar,” had only …

Janet Napolitano for DHS?

Filed under: Immigration,Politics In General - 24 Nov 2008

America is occupied by as many as 38 million illiterate peasants, AKA illegal aliens, and President-elect Obama has the gall to nominate Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano to head the Department of Homeland Security?

Nation’s Capital Implements Measures Violating Rights & Property

As the nation’s capital, Washington DC is often looked to for various approaches on how to handle a number of growing issues around the country. Usually government eggheads like to formulate their grandiose schemes from their comfortable halls of …

Obama Nominates Arizona’s Napolitano as Homeland Security Chief

Filed under: Politics In General - 24 Nov 2008

Denizens of our nation’s newsrooms are all celebrating the nomination of two-term governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano, by President-elect Barack Obama to head the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which includes the law enforcement agencies responsible for protecting US borders …

November 23, 2008

Female Astronaut Proves Woman’s Place In Home, Not Outer Space

Filed under: Politics In General - 23 Nov 2008

Just as Nancy Pelosi proved beyond any doubt that a woman’s rightful place is in the home, but definitely not the U.S. House, so it is that Astronaut Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper has confirmed that women are more suitable for mundane household …

Should Obama sic Hillary on al Zawahiri?

Filed under: In The News,War On Terror - 23 Nov 2008

This time, Islamofascists have just gone too far. It was bad enough when Al-Quaeda knocked down the Twin Towers and crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11.

It’s September the 10th

Filed under: Politically Incorrect Reality,The Democrats - 23 Nov 2008

The more we hear about the team Barack Obama is assembling the less reason there is to believe that Obama is anything like the centrist that he claimed to be on the campaign trail(conservatives to America: we told you so). …

He Said, She Said

We have gone through the first round of internal recriminations with the recent excoriation of Governor Palin by those “unnamed” McCain staffers. We are also starting to see a few hints of the slaps for John McCain more of which …

MS-13 Gang Member, Associates Indicted in NYC for Murder, Racketeering

Filed under: Crime and Punishment - 23 Nov 2008

Hector Portillo, a member of the international MS-13 street gang, and seven others were charged in New York City with multiple crimes, including 29 counts of murder, attempted murder, assault, racketeering, and illegal use of firearms.

Watchdog Group Criticizes Obama’s Choice of Eric Holder for Attorney General

Filed under: Politics In General - 23 Nov 2008

The National Legal and Policy Center, an organization that achieved success as a plaintiff in the 1993 lawsuit to open the meetings and records of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s health care task force, criticized President-Elect Barack Obama for selecting Eric …

Liberals misunderstand the pro-life position

In the aftermath of this year’s electoral train wreck for conservatives, my local newspaper has published a few editorial letters by people trying to offer their rejoinders to pro-life positions opposing abortion, by claiming that those who articulate pro-life positions …

November 22, 2008

Are Obama’s Daughters Too Good for Public Schools?

That public schools in America are a bloody disgrace is a fact that hardly anyone disputes these days. There is no shortage of anecdotal evidence pointing to high school graduates who cannot read their diplomas or do simple arithmetic.

Republicans Became [Me To] Democrats

Filed under: The Republicans - 22 Nov 2008

The last two national elections Republicans dropped the ball. Either they didn’t know how or didn’t want to compete with the Liberal wing of the Democratic Party. The last real conservative Republican who was to make a difference in congress …

US, Afghan and Pakistani Forces Squeezing Terror Groups on Border

Filed under: War On Terror - 22 Nov 2008

With US, Afghan and Pakistani forces applying pressure on both sides of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, the enemy “is running out of options for places to go,” a senior US officer in the region said today.

The Roar of the Fans

My parents were Democrats. I grew up hearing them say FDR was the greatest thing since sliced bread, margarine and Cadillacs. When I was old enough to vote, I called myself a Democrat and voted Democrat, until I realized that …

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