Obama’s New America Smells A Lot Like Clinton’s Old America

By: Ken Hughes

And the question is, in how many directions can the Obama advisors steer the ship of state and manage to get it back on course? Obama seems to be picking his advisors one each from column’s A though Z. If Obama is trying to guarantee he’s being diverse enough to get it right the first time every time he’s going about it the wrong way. Bringing all the old Clinton group onboard isn’t the way it was supposed to be. Obama had plans so secret and advisors so brilliant he could only discuss them behind closed doors. He promised if elected he would unveil his new America, so far all he’s doing is dusting off the old.

Now we discover Obama’s plans weren’t so secret after all they were more like nonexistent. He was so busy campaigning he hadn’t considered the possibility of winning nor had he given any real thought to what to do post-election. One thing is true Obama did hit the ground running November 5th, running in circles and he still hasn’t caught up with himself.

Barack Obama is a master orator he rates up there with the very best. His problem is he loves the sound of his voice but doesn’t listen to or remember his own words. Like so many politicians Obama gets caught up in the moment not realizing there are some people listening and taking notes. Once the puffy clouds of promise float away the harsh rains of reality come pouring down. By that time Obama has followed to clouds to his next venue.

If we dissect Obama’s campaign promises and Obama’s post campaign actions we can see they have no similar DNA they aren’t even kissing cousins. What is the public to conclude from the new Obama is he a fraud or just a young man in deep du-du over his head? Obama reminds me of a little dog I had as a child, my dog chased cars and the day he finally caught one it broke his neck. Before Obama’s first 100 days pass he’s apt to find he will need a lot of traction to repair the damage.

I’m not one who favors Washingtonians as presidential candidates. Not only are they [not] problem solvers they are the cause of most of the nation’s problems. It’s been proven with a few exceptions governors make the best presidents. Governors come to the Oval Office void of all the old traditions of congress. They come with the intentions of actually improving the government in favor of the people. Congress seems to be there to maintain the statuesque in favor of the Washingtonians. Washingtonians seem to think they are the real citizens of America and anyone from outside DC is an illegal immigrant.

The problems this nation faces are not the wars, global warming, abortion or the economy. The real problem is education, education that lacks teaching about the constitution and what is required of being a member of the freest society on earth, teaching the rewards of hard work and respect for others. Teaching what it means to sacrifice from the smallest to the ultimate as so many have done to keep us free to bitch and whine and sleep sound at night.

There are too many in the great country that are willing to blame others for their lack of involvement, politicians like Barack Obama are taking advantage of the public’s ambivalence to the things around them. We are the first nation on earth to be governed by the people themselves. In 1776 it was said around the world it was an experiment destined for failure. American democracy has been the model of self determination nearly every society on earth has strived to emulate. Why would Barack Obama want to change that? Even more puzzling is why the voters would elect Obama knowing he wants to change the greatest nations the world has ever known to something the world around us is rejecting.

And the answer is the rank and file voters have had it with the Republican RINO’S in Washington and are teaching them a lesson. The voters know they have a choice every two years. Republican Congress men and women don’t get it they think they are there forever. The time has come for the Republican Party to bring in new blood and spill some of the old. A rebuilding of the Republican Party must come from the hinterlands it can’t be done from inside of Washington.

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