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December 3, 2008

Should Catholics Who Voted for Obama Go to Confession?

Filed under: Elections & Voting,Religion & Faith - 03 Dec 2008

Finally, some common sense from the Catholic Church!

From Modesto, California via the McClatchy Tribune this report:

Oklahoma: Where Freedom, Rule of Law, and Patriotism Still Matter!

Filed under: Immigration - 03 Dec 2008

With many of the several states headed toward ruination under the guise of being “progressive”, the Great State of Oklahoma is moving in exactly the opposite direction. Which means that Oklahoma is becoming a shining example of what can …

World Jewish Congress Outraged by Statements of UN General Assembly President

The president of the World Jewish Congress, Ronald S. Lauder, has criticized recent anti-Israel statements by Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann of Nicaragua, the current president of the United Nations General Assembly.

Yes, Virginia, There is a Santayana Clause!

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 03 Dec 2008

With the Christmas holiday upon us, it’s worth noting: Yes, Virginia, There is a Santayana Clause! The lovely, utopian theories of the Obamamaniacs and others tend to produce horrible consequences which I would like to think are unintentional.

Islamist Terrorist admits Mumbai Attacks Racist as well as Ideological

Filed under: War On Terror - 03 Dec 2008

Although the recent Mumbai terrorist attacks and slaughter of tourists and Indian citizens alike was perpetrated by Islamic terrorists, one might not know it from reading mainstream media reports. With regards to the words “Islam” and “terrorist” the leftist media …

The Advent Season

Filed under: Featured Conservative,Religion & Faith - 03 Dec 2008

Advent is the time of preparing ourselves for Christmas to celebrate the coming of Christ Jesus for our salvation. It’s also a time for watchful awaiting the Second Coming. For her sermon today at the Cohocton (New York) …