Yes, Virginia, There is a Santayana Clause!

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By: Brooks A. Mick

With the Christmas holiday upon us, it’s worth noting: Yes, Virginia, There is a Santayana Clause!

The lovely, utopian theories of the Obamamaniacs and others tend to produce horrible consequences which I would like to think are unintentional.

Santanaya said “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

I say “Those who don’t observe what’s happening in socialist countries today are condemned to repeat the same mistakes.” If people ignore what’s happening today, right under their noses, what good is remembering the past to them?

Santayana said “Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness.”

I say “Progressive ideas are regressive; and that’s change you can believe in.”

Santayana said “Theory helps us to bear our ignorance of facts.”

I say “Computer models allow the Al Gores of the world to stampede the populace into behavior that is not supported by facts.”

The socialist-leaning countries which have tried the schemes of the AlGorians and the Obamamaniacs have found that reality bites. Other pieces have documented the disasters of socialized, government-controlled medicine. One can note in Europe and the rest of the world the effects of the various environmental schemes.

Britain is trying to water down tough new European legislation to boost the uptake of renewable energy, despite a pledge by Gordon Brown last month to launch a “green revolution” based on clean technology. Documents obtained by the Guardian show the UK wants to block attempts to give renewable electricity sources such as wind farms priority access to the national grid. The European official who drafted the legislation accused Britain of “obstructing” EU efforts on renewables and said UK officials wanted to protect traditional energy suppliers and their coal, gas and nuclear power stations.

–David Adam, The Guardian, 24 July 2008

Paul Golby explained …that, because it was very hard to envisage much of a contribution from renewables for energy used by transport, this means that we would need to generate about 45 per cent of our domestic electricity bills from such sources – principally wind power – in order to conform with the EU directive known as the Renewables Obligation. According to Mr Golby, meeting such a commitment will involve an increase in electricity generating costs of about £10bn per year; this is equivalent to almost £400 per household – or, in the roughest terms, an increase of about 40 per cent in annual electricity bills. Try selling that to the British public; and, of course, the Government hasn’t.

–Dominic Lawson, The Independent, 22 April 2008

More than half of Britain’s 26.6 million drivers will receive higher bills with owners of many popular family saloons seeing their bills double. More than 50 Labour MPs are threatening to vote against the plans and Mr Brown, who was damaged by the row over the abolition of the 10p income tax band, is understood to have privately indicated that he is prepared to back down on some of the changes. Matthew Elliott, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “From the outset this has been a cynical tax grab that is more greedy than green. The proposals are another body blow for families already struggling under the weight of high fuel prices and record tax bills.”

–The Daily Telegraph, 24 July 2008

AUSTRALIA’S biggest blue-collar union has raised concerns about the Rudd Government introducing a carbon emissions trading system without considering the likelihood of other nations lowering their emissions. The 130,000-strong Australian Workers Union yesterday cast doubt on Kevin Rudd’s “go-it-alone” strategy, after convening a special meeting with executives from high-emitting companies in Sydney to canvass a joint approach to climate change policy. AWU secretary Paul Howes said his union remained deeply worried about the impact of an emissions trading scheme on local jobs if the response of companies facing financial penalties under a carbon reduction scheme was to shift their operations offshore.

–Brad Norington, The Australian, 24 July 2008

It’s time for reality to rise up and bite the global warming fanatics and the politicians who make their arrogant, elitist, utopian promises.

That Santayana was a really smart fellow.

Yes, Virginia, There is a Santayana Clause.

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