Throw The Bitch A Bone

By: Ken Hughes

There are any number of reasons Obama threw Hillary the bone of a possibility of becoming Secretary of State. First Obama knew following Dr. Rice would be difficult considering the outstanding job she did for the Bush administration. Because Hillary wears the Clinton brand she’s a recognizable person among most Americans and many world leaders. It was a given Obama would offer Hillary some elevated spot in is administration if for no other reason than not to piss Clinton’s people off. Everyone must admit Hillary Clinton is a step above the average Arkansas transplant. These are not derogatory expression about Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. If you’re old enough to have voted for Harry Truman you know politics is a dirty business that cleans its self up the day after the elections are over but only until the next election comes around.

Hillary Clinton spent years and mega bucks engaging professional image makers to create an exalted vision of her. She wanted to be a step above anyone or anything in the political arena. Those who get paid to convince the public they’re getting something other than what they’re really getting aren’t prone to being honest with the client. Its one thing for Hillary to mouth the words and another to exude the confidence to convince people it’s all real. Sincerity isn’t something that can be easily faked it has to come from deep down in the sole. Honesty and sincerity are two things Hillary was never able to master. This doesn’t mean she’s a bad person it means she’s addicted to a style of politics that has only one end in sight, win at any cost

Barack Obama and his recycled Clinton advisors should know the world has been a safer place for the past 8 years even with its limited turmoil than it was in the previous 8 years. Much of this was due to the efforts of Dr. Rice. Diplomatic accomplishments are never presented the same as diplomatic rhetoric, there’s a well know adage in diplomatic circles its called “Saving Face” it’s as old as politics its self. International diplomacy is a cross between high school debates and shell games. No one really knows what was accomplished until they see the news on CNN the following morning. More often than not the outcomes of negotiations are the results of media interpretations as apposed to what was really resolved. Speculation is all the media has to offer and they’re very good at it.

Public spokesmen for negotiators often save their cleverest explanations for the media. What they report had been agreed to isn’t really what was agreed to at all, not even close. This is where saving face comes in. Saving face is something Hillary has mastered through her entire marriage to Bill Clinton.

The American public and Hillary Clinton are both being cheated by her accepting a position in Obama’s administration. Hillary Clinton could have been a formidable United States Senator for years to come. Congress is like an Eagle it takes two strong wings a left and a right to maintain its balance as it fly’s over this country figuratively protecting us from evil doers. The America Eagle is the symbol of this nation’s strength, cut one of its wings off and it’s nothing but a pile of crap unable to function.

The current lopsided congress consisting of Liberals and RINO’S who can’t muster more than a 10 % approval rating are pretty much that grounded Eagle crap we’re getting from Washington. Not only has congress sunk to the bottom of the barrel president elect Obama has gone to the Washington garbage dump and retrieved many of Bill Clinton’s discarded advisors and cabinet members to guide him through the changes in Washington he promised America if elected. If the Clinton’istas couldn’t do it how is Obama going to get it done with the same people?

The old adage you get what you pay for doesn’t seem to apply
where Congress and Obama are concerned, America is paying dearly and will for generations we’re not getting much bang for our buck.

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