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December 8, 2008

Latest Bail Out Request– OJ Simpson!

Filed under: In The News - 08 Dec 2008

To heck with the auto makers, the mortgage brokers, the corrupt Wall Street financial tycoons, and the irresponsible state governors standing in line with pity pots in tow looking for bail outs from Uncle Sam. Let them all eat …

Rueters Calls Name Calling a ‘Violent Hate Crime’ Against Arab-Americans?

Apparently, if one calls an Arab-American an A** H*le, Reuters and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee want all Americans to know that this is to be considered a “violent hate crime.” At least that is what it seems when looking …

Economic Epiphany

Filed under: Economics - 08 Dec 2008

Prodded by government regulation, inept financial management at lending institutions, combined with irresponsibility of overzealous borrowers, has our country spiraling toward credit failure. Those teaser mortgage variable rates looked so good at three and four percent. The question was: “Why …

The Bush Doctrine Will Live

Filed under: History,War On Terror - 08 Dec 2008

In the first interview Sarah Palin gave after McCain selected her as VP candidate, Charlie Gibson made much of her dissembling regarding the Bush Doctrine. Well, interestingly, Charlie Gibson didn’t know of what the Bush Doctrine consisted either. He …

Computer Crime: Forensic Device Allows Investigators Quick Access to Critical Data

Filed under: Crime and Punishment - 08 Dec 2008

It seems that no matter what illegal activity is pursued, whether it is pornography, kidnapping, murder, or even terrorism, the so-called criminal masterminds leave a winding but traceable trail of related computer data linking these perpetrators to their crimes. In …

The Political Christian

Filed under: Abortion,Politics In General,Religion & Faith - 08 Dec 2008

There have been so-called “conservative” pundits and others over the recent weeks writing articles blaming the “social conservatives” (evangelical Christians) of causing the election loss of one particular Republican-In-Name-Only (RINO). The themes of these articles agree that Christian are …

Republicans come to a fork in the road

In the wake of the November election’s repudiation of Republicans, there is a controversy among pundits about what Republicans need to do to stage a legislative comeback, much less, avoid extinction from the political landscape.