The Political Christian

By: Michael John McCrae

There have been so-called “conservative” pundits and others over the recent weeks writing articles blaming the “social conservatives” (evangelical Christians) of causing the election loss of one particular Republican-In-Name-Only (RINO).

The themes of these articles agree that Christian are too “strict” and should find ways to lighten up and be a bit more inclusive of gays, abortionists and other sinners that aren’t so bad, especially since each has a vote that could be used for a Republican.

The authors say that Christians only turn away voters by claiming their faith in only one God of Heaven and one source of faith and knowledge, The Holy Scriptures. This has been opined as backward, “Armband” and “oogedy-boogedy”.

The political Christian need never be ashamed that he/she believes in the one true God of Heaven. The political Christian does not have to explain himself/herself to the godless (liberal), or the agnostic (moderate), or the apathetic (non-voter). The political Christian is wise to inform himself on the issues then vote in good faith and conscience that he/she is voting in a correct spiritual attitude that glorifies God.

The political Christian honors God with his vote when he votes to protect life. There are no greater innocents than those who have been conceived and reside in the wombs of their mothers. This is a population of innocents unable to speak, act or vote for their own well being. Liberals, feminists and sadly, millions of other voters have been apathetic to the murders of a million American children annually. That is slaughter. That is genocide.

That Roe vs. Wade was very bad judgmental precedent and not legislated law has not bothered those who yell for “choice” (death) over life. The murderous precedent stands and will continue unless political Christians loudly assert the sacred rights of unborn Americans.

But we hear “NO”! This is backward. This is “Armband”.

The political Christian who knows the true God of Heaven has no qualms calling sin, “sin”. The political Christian will abide by the Word of God (The Scriptures) and will not compromise faith or personal belief to suck up to so-called religionists or the moderately religious to gain their favor. Jesus did not compromise. This is a fact sadly overlooked by anyone who thinks the Bible is his/her spiritual source. Too many people have accepted the atheistic axiom “the Bible contains contradictions”. Not enough people have bothered to do their own research into the lie of atheism and the cheap religions that simply look forward to the next passing of the collection basket or the next televangelist appeal.

The political Christian is involved. The political Christian stands up to the inaccuracies of media, punditry and political spin. The political Christian knows it is right to protect America from enemies; it is right to designate marriage as a singular act between one man and one woman; it is right to want conceptions through birth without fear of termination; it is right to want Christian viewpoints disseminated in the public forum and if that means we have to occasionally mention our God and Christ to the sensitive ears of atheists, then so be that!

There has been no doubt and very little denial that this past election was skewed toward godlessness and a continuation of liberalism mixed with socialism. Even scripture explains in the Book of Acts the first failed Christian experiment with socialism. Socialism only serves to keep the elite in their towers and the serfs in the fields. The only true equalizer is Jesus Christ the Righteous and the political Christian needs to take every opportunity to voice that.

Can one be a Christian without being political? Yes. But then don’t ever gripe when your church is no longer permitted to display a cross, the Ten Commandments or a Nativity Scene.

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