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December 11, 2008

Obama’s Afghan War

Filed under: War On Terror - 11 Dec 2008

With security gains made over the past 18 months holding and slow-but-steady political accommodation taking root in Baghdad, it appears the United States is growing closer to the end of its active combat role in Iraq. President-elect Barack Obama, who …

God, The Bible, The Constitution & Detroit

The domestic auto industry can’t survive on green and compete with unregulated foreign manufactures producing cars in this country. If the big three resort to bankruptcy for survival it will have a greater effect on the national economy than Katrina …

Battle for the First Amendment

Filed under: First Amendment - 11 Dec 2008

With President elect Obama getting ready to take office next month conservatives and believers in the constitution must get ready for the fight to come. Most of Obama’s plans don’t involve constitutional questions. Wasting billions of dollars on building new …

21st Century Warfare: US Army Continues Transformation

Filed under: American Military - 11 Dec 2008

The United States Army considers the current transformation its most extensive restructuring since World War II. The Army has estimated that restructuring units from a division-based force to a more agile and responsive modular brigade-based force will require a significant …

A Worthy Public Works Project: Ending the Illegal Alien Disaster!

Filed under: Immigration - 11 Dec 2008

While President-elect Obama schemes to put 2.5 million Americans to work on roads, bridges, schools, electronic medical records, energy and the like, there is an even more urgent project that should be perused for the benefit of our great nation.

The Socialist and the Stone

When I was still within a stones’ throw of ladhood, I had an acquaintance who was essentially a socialist. I can’t say for sure he proclaimed himself as such – although I believe he did – but that was …