Battle for the First Amendment

By: Craig Chamberlain

With President elect Obama getting ready to take office next month conservatives and believers in the constitution must get ready for the fight to come. Most of Obama’s plans don’t involve constitutional questions. Wasting billions of dollars on building new roads and bridges as a way to stimulate the economy might be stupid, but it’s not unconstitutional. Raising taxes is idiotic but it’s within his right to do it. An immediate withdrawal from Iraq would be catastrophic, but as commander in chief he has every right to do it.

The fight concerns two things that President elect Obama wants to accomplish. The first is card check, which has huge support among the Democratic majorities in congress, and even without 60 seats in the Senate it’s possible that the Democrats will be able to avoid a filibuster in the Senate. This bill is payment for services rendered. The unions have become wholly owned subsidiaries of the Democratic party and now the unions want something in return. They can’t get workers to join of their own free will so they want to force the issue. If you don’t want to join a union, that’s your business. But with card check the union will make it their business. You might have the right, in theory, to refuse to join but don’t be surprised if the union sends someone called knuckles to umm… convince you that it would be in your best interest to sign up.

A secret ballot is the only way to insure that there has been a fair vote, which is exactly why the Democrats and their union mercenaries don’t want to give the American worker the choice. The right to vote, and to vote freely without intimidation, has become an integral part of freedom of speech. If American workers really thought that labor unions were really looking out for them doesn’t it make sense that more would actually sign up. Maybe the teamsters and the AFL- CIO should actually do something for working Americans instead of shoveling money to the DNC. Labor Unions don’t know which workers oppose them, and that’s all that really protects those workers. What would stop unions, with this new power, from firing and blacklisting any worker brave enough not to sign up.

While we’re at it let’s get rid of the secret ballot while we’re at it. After all if unions can intimidate people into voting for them why not get rid of secret ballots in political races. Both parties can have someone at the polling place to bully people into voting their way. That would be really democratic. Card check strikes at the very heart of liberty and democracy.

The next agenda for the Democrats is even more blatantly against the first amendment. The “fairness doctrine” of “hush rush” is being pushed by many members of the Democratic party. For those who don’t know the fairness doctrine says that radio stations must give equal time to opposing views. So a radio station playing conservative talk radio will have to give equal time to the liberals. Sounds fair doesn’t it? There are, however, a few problems. First of all, the liberals have many other forms of media at their disposal. They don’t need equal radio time, when they almost monopolize TV time, dominate among print media, and are very strong on the internet. Second, no one wants to listen to liberal talk radio. We’ve been there, done that. Remember Air America? The real goal here isn’t to get equal time for liberals, but to drive the conservatives off the air.

Liberal talk radio doesn’t make any money so radio stations, to avoid having to play it, will stop playing talk radio at all. They’ll go to something less controversial, like farm reports. Liberals might not be on the air, but the left will get what it wants, the silencing of the one media where conservatives dominate.

The incoming Obama administration, by supporting these actions, is showing a frightening understanding or contempt for the constitution. This isn’t about fairness it’s about silencing any criticism of the new administration. Card Check isn’t about being fair to the American worker, it’s about making sure that you union allies have more money to give you for upcoming elections. Both are against the spirit of democracy and freedom of speech. Both should be opposed by all who care about the constitution.

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