God, The Bible, The Constitution & Detroit

By: Ken Hughes

The domestic auto industry can’t survive on green and compete with unregulated foreign manufactures producing cars in this country. If the big three resort to bankruptcy for survival it will have a greater effect on the national economy than Katrina had on New Orleans. For every job at the big three there are at least five jobs outside of these companies supporting them. How can the auto manufactures pay their venders if they follow the mandates of congress and concentrate on cars the public has so far rejected. Green is a myth created by a group of environmentalist tree huggers who’ve bamboozled congress into believing, it’s something the public isn’t buying and wont. The public knows the cost of going green and doesn’t support the myth.

Neither the Bible nor the Constitution says there shall be no Gods but Congressional Gods, no truths but congressional truths. In fact the tenth amendment in essences says government should keep its dammed hands off private property. Meaning in a market economy the government is not to interfere in free enterprise. If the public wants green it should be left to the consumer to demand green not congress. This supposed bailout of the big three is nothing less than a power grab by congress to get their grubby hands on one more of the countries Crown Jewels. As I recall Hitler’s Fascist movement began in part by designing automobiles and building super highways among other dictates.

Have the American voters permitted a group of fascists in sheep’s clothing to take control of their government, many think so, with promises that won’t be and can’t be kept? If it looks like, acts like and smells like fascism it must be fascism. That’s what our elected congress is becoming under the leadership of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and their ilk. They’re leading America down a path to a liberalism the constitution doesn’t support. America as we know it can’t survive with both liberalism and the constitution, the question is which “We the People” will choose as our savior?

In the beginning God created a massive continent then stepped back to view what he / she had accomplished. Realizing the work was not yet complete God tore off a portion and placed it half way between the outer edges of the massive content making it run north and south half way around the globe. First God populated the new land with the most passive people from the east. Realizing they weren’t going to take full advantage of his / her creation he / she then sent the freedom loving malcontents from the other side of the massive content to this new world. It was Gods mandate it would be the land of the free forever with the understanding anything worth having is worth fighting for to keep. That challenge is before America today more than ever before, what are “We the People” going to do about it, what God wants or what Liberals want?

This explanation may not be in your bible / constitution but it makes sense to me.

As much as elected officials would like the public to believe business profits are an evil thing they’re more a necessity to our existence than a congress person. Without profits there would be no jobs, no taxes ergo no government. The reason your congress person doesn’t understand the need for profits is because the government only takes it never produces. Congress knows everything about printing and spending money and nothing about earning it.

When the public rejects these congressional mandated green cars as unacceptable and go to the Toyotas, BMW’s, Mercedes and other foreign brands manufactured and not regulated in America by ridiculous green technology will the foreign brands be taxed to pay for congresses folly? When the big three are driven to other countries where profit is recognized as one of the elements of doing business and not the emotional and environmentally inspired hog wash who will congress blame? For years it’s been said America has the easiest congress money can buy now they can add stupidity to the phrase.

This Democratic lead congress is looking back to 1933 for answers to the current economic problem. Roosevelt’s New Deal was the worst of times. It extended the depression years and eventually it to a world war. That would have been the time for an America President to ignore congress and negotiate with the industrialists of the day not point an accusing finger and legislating programs destined to fail. Roosevelt’s programs failed for lack of financial backing caused by political arrogance. The government’s money was going out and little was coming in. Business finances government not congress and the mint, they only print the money the people earn it by paying taxes earned from having jobs in sound businesses making a profit. It’s called a market economy.

Congress is fond of using the term excess profits. I have one for congress, excess stupidity and arrogance. I have another for the voters. Wise up you’re getting screwed by congress big time. It’s time the voters returned to a government of the people run by the people, for the benefit of all the people.

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