Once Again, Conservatives Fight Democrats and President Bush

By: John Lillpop

As he has done during most of his time in office, George W. Bush has ended up in bed with liberal Democrats while fighting conservatives on crucial issues facing this nation.

From run away spending, the sale of port security to a nation associated with terrorists, to amnesty for illegal aliens, to No Child Left Behind, George W. Bush has been a disaster for anyone who really cares about conservative values.

With the exception of taxes and Supreme Court nominations, W. has been wrong time and time again.

True to form, W. has apparently reached an agreement with Democrats on a $15 billion bail out package for auto makers. He apparently has apparently abandoned his Republican colleagues in order to accommodate liberals on this important issue.

Once again, true Republicans are set to fight wrong headed policy by taking on a Republican president who is conjoined at the hip with Democrats in yet another assault on American taxpayers.

See the link below for the story of Republican opposition in the U.S. Senate where the likes of Richard Shelby and other legitimate conservatives stand poised to shut down the Bush-Democrat coalition of evil.


Thank God for Congressional Conservatives!

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