The Political Art Of Crisis Creation

By: Michael John McCrae

As much as the Democrat Party wishes it were not so. As much as the Democrat Party lies about Republican involvement in the financial “crisis” that has engulfed the world’s economies. Calmer heads have prevailed in their research and determined the root of all financial evil sits at the feet of House and Senate Democrats who have ruled the American purse strings directly attached to former President Jimmy Carter’s Community Redevelopment Act.

It took several decades for this “Act” to have the terrible effect of scorching millions of private investors and thousands of lending institutions and there were countless opportunities for the federal government to reverse the shortsightedness of lending money to those known to be bad risks, but this was not to be.

When Bill Clinton was president, his own congress refused to permit oversight or restrict the numbers of high risk loans. Clinton made it possible for loaning institutions to face penalty and fine for refusing to write bad loans. When the Republicans took control of the Congress under Clinton they failed to make reform of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac a priority; concentrating more on welfare reform. That was a mistake carried into the Bush Administration and perpetuated right through the 2006 elections when Democrats regained control of Congress.

From 2006 through 2008 the Democrats rebuffed 17 attempts by the White House to get control of what everyone was beginning to view as a major crisis in the housing sector, yet even as late as two months prior to the final collapse Senator Barney Frank was declaring Fannie Mae “sound”.

All of which brings me to this statement by President Elect Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel as quoted from the Rush Limbaugh website: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. What I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before. This is an opportunity. What used to be long-term problems — be they in the health care area, energy area, education area, fiscal area, tax area, regulatory reform area — things that we had postponed for too long that were long-term are now immediate and must be dealt with. And this crisis provides the opportunity for us, as I would say; the opportunity to do things that you could not do before.”

The “us” referred to by Mr. Emanuel is, of course, the Democrats. The economic crisis brewed by the Democrats over a thirty-year span is now the Democrat’s “opportunity” to drive the country into socialism. I am of the opinion that Democrats believe America can do socialism unlike all the failed socialist states of history. America can make anything work; even socialism, if enough political power is attained and held long enough.

Mr. Emanuel has a partner in his echo chamber of “opportunity”.

An article posted on the “Drudge Report” entitled: “Crisis will help us regain power – Russia’s Communists”, Reuters, 29 November 2008 begins: “Russia’s Communists expect the global financial crisis will cause social unrest and help them challenge for power, the party’s leader said…”

This seems to be the new hope seeping into the ranks of socialists and communists world-wide. France and Germany became socialist nations largely due to discontented populations but have since elected more conservative governments when the failures of socialism became apparent. Even Russia had to retool its government so the population could achieve greater availability in goods and services. The Chinese have allowed private enterprise (in the form of mild capitalism) to replace the true communist model which was failing the greater portion of its nation.

If France, Germany, Russia and Communist China can see errors in their models that cause corrections pointed to free market economics, why should America change what is working to adopt knowingly inadequate socialist policies?

The answer is “political power”. The communists ruled the Soviet Empire for more than 80 years and I believe the Democrats see their opportunity to rule for several decades by giving the people things they should be earning.

Another echo from the article: “Gennady Zyuganov told the party’s annual congress the Communists should make maximum use of the growing public discontent caused by the economic downturn to try to restore their political strength.”

It is difficult to know whose playbook these words can be ascribed to. Is it Karl Marx or Saul Alinsky or some other communist hero of the masses who prescribes a theft from the producers and a redistribution to those troubled and uneducated enough to create their own economic opportunity. The leader of Russia’s communists could be answering the question of “Joe the Plumber” in place of a certain President-elect.

One more quote: “”We should secure the support of society well before the political crisis comes … We have to squeeze everything we can from this situation,” Zyuganov said.

And I believe this is the intent of the pending Obama Administration. They have already laid out an agenda to “squeeze” every possible dollar from American producers and find ways to support, without recompense, their constituencies in the name of “fairness”.

It usually takes a “crisis” to motivate people into action. There are actions that are pointed in the right direction that can lead to prosperity and solvency. There are actions that can defeat prosperity and lead to economic recession and ruin. The historical “promise” inherent in socialism is stagnation and ruin. The historical reality of conservatism mixed with personal responsibility and liberty from governmental interference is that of prosperity and civil peace.

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