Blagojevich – Ya Gotta Love Him

By: Christopher M. Barra

We should all get down on our knees and thank the Godfather of Illinois.

With everyone in an uproar regarding Rod Blagojevich’s blatant corruption, we’re missing the blindingly bright side. It will open at least some of the eyes of those who have long believed government is the answer to all our ills. Though personally not shocked this was going on, the sheer audacity of this guy surprised even me – I love it.

Government has operated Mafia/ Mob-style for decades, “pay to play or else…” – but for this guy to be so arrogant and open about it while knowing he was under surveillance, -well, you just gotta love that. Demanding payments from hospitals, charitable organizations and other politicians – not caring who was listening – Awesome.

Even those who’s mantra is “In Government we Trust”, have to now at least wonder who else might be demanding similar grabs more intelligently and discreetly? Can we trust in government? Should we even consider the proposal a “Car Czar”? To whom might he be beholden? Is it a pay to play position too? Is government really the answer? Who is really getting my bailout money? Why should there even be bailouts or a Car Czar? Questions will be asked.

Blagojevich thought he could get away with publicly putting a United States Senate seat up for bid simply because it is the way he was brought up to understand and engage in politics. It is just the way it is done.

For all we know, he has a contract hit out on one or more of the other Chicago political crime bosses for dropping the dime on him. This is great theater. Lincoln may be turning in his grave, but Al Capone would be very proud and impressed of his fellow Chicagoan.

This could be a terrific turn of events for we conservatives in the long run. At least some well meaning liberals will realize that this cannot be an isolated incident. Some will lose faith in government rule and come over to the dark side – the conservative side.

Thank you Rod for opening the door a peek and showing the non-believers exactly how the wheels of government turn today.

Blagojevich – ya gotta love the guy.

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