What Did Obama Know & When

By: Ken Hughes

Its doubtful Obama had any part of Blagojevich’s plan to sell the senatorial seat he vacated. It’s equally doubtful Obama wasn’t aware of the governor’s attempts to extort the highest price for an appointment to the senate. A democratic appointment to the senate in a democratic administration is as good as being one of the thorns in the Messiah’s crown. We can speculate knowing how Illinois politics works or rather how it’s manipulated. There’s every reason to believe Obama was aware of the governor’s indiscriminate attempts to extort the highest price for an appointment and was unable to do anything about it.

Blagojevich will go to prison and Chicago and Illinois will go on being what they’ve always been, it’s a full time job.

Chicago and Illinois politics are still under the thumb of the old Daily political machine [part two]. Nothing goes on in the city or the state Young Mayor Daily doesn’t know about, [ergo] Obama knew. Nothing’s changed in Chicago since the 1920’s except the violence has moved to the south and west sides. Police still collect traffic fines on the spot it saves on paper and court time. Driver’s licenses are still for sale to those who can’t pass the tests. Building inspectors second income still comes from those they inspect. These are things the citizens of Chicago have learned to accept.

Contrary to popular belief Obama doesn’t have absolute authority over all he surveys, he’s president elect not Jesus or one of his disciples. The government is like a ship [i.e. the ship of state] it has one captain 535 navigators and a crew of thousands. It’s ludicrous to assume there wouldn’t be corruption somewhere along the way. It’s even more ludicrous to assume a slap on the wrist and a few harsh words will turn someone away from a potential million dollar pay off. Some go into politics for the purest of reasons others go at it for the opportunity of financial gain. Eventually all are smitten with the power politics affords them.

Politics and corruption are perhaps the world’s second oldest professions holding hands with the worlds oldest, both share the same name. Republican corruption is usually about sexual indiscretions, democrats are more inclined to corruption and graft.
I’m familiar with both and I prefer sex over corruption and graft, it tends to be less messy and the after effects are less damming.

So far Obama’s indiscretions have been little more than payoffs and paybacks. Special contracts here an overlook there some special legislation everywhere. All things an up and coming legislature is expected to do for his backers. When Obama was out rounding up his sheep [constituents] I was concerned he may actually try to restructure America into a Socialist State, my fears were taken away when the World Socialists Group began to point out the cracks in his programs. World Socialists.com haven’t been kind to president elect Obama, they seem to think he’s a conservative in sheep’s clothing, I prefer to think he’s just another Washington insider and not a well anchored one at that. To the good old boy Washingtonians Obama hasn’t earned his position, to them he’s greener than Al Gore’s global warming.

Not only do Obama’s faithful followers have a right to be pissed but all who voted for him. Obama crossed the country north to south and east to west promising change so dramatic and so secret he couldn’t divulge it not even to his staff until he was elected. A lot of voters bought into his promises, now we find his big plans is trying to emulate Bill Clinton using his discarded advisors and staff. If the voters had wanted a third Clinton term they would have chosen Hillary.

As snippets of information leak out from the Obama transition headquarters its beginning to look a lot like the 90’s all over again.
Have the daily briefings Obama’s getting beginning to open his eyes to the fact the terrorists aren’t really the good guys after all?
Those who opposed Obama can relish in the fact he is beginning to subscribe to more of the Bush doctrine as the days to his January inauguration move closer. Pelosi and Reid are in conferences discussing how to counter this new Obama no one on the left expected. You can bet Aunt Sallie’s bingo money it won’t take long before the media and liberal democrats attack Obama unmercifully. Congress tasted blood attacking Bush the lust for blood never seems to go away, especially for politicians.

“No compact among men … can be pronounced everlasting and inviolable, and if I may so express myself, that no Wall of words, that no mound of parchment can be so formed as to stand against the sweeping torrent of boundless ambition on the one side, aided by the sapping current of corrupted morals on the other.”

George Washington, draft of first Inaugural Address, April 1789

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