Conservative Thinking Out Loud!

By: Michael John McCrae

Yes, Mr. Obama may have had fleeting associations with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, but I’m certain he never bombed the Pentagon.

Yes, I am certain Mr. Obama participated in church services led by racist minister Jeremiah Wright, but I’m relatively certain he slept through 20 years of racist pulpit ranting and was never personally affected by Wright’s anti-white points of view. I’m almost certain Michelle and the kids were as equally unaffected.

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Obama may have received a sweetheart home deal arranged by mobster Tony Rezko, but that doesn’t mean the Obamas are crooked. In these days of subprime lending to persons who cannot pay mortgages, it was only reasonable to take over a home they couldn’t afford, more or less validating Jimmy Carter’s Community Redevelopment Act.

As for his possible association with the crooked Illinois Governor Blagojevich and the possibility Mr. Obama was somehow responsible in the auctioning of his soon-to-be-vacant Senate seat; I don’t believe any of it. Mr. Obama would never sanction anything so illegal. Even though Mr. Obama campaigned for Mr. Blagojevich on several occasions and raised money for him and met with him several times recently, I’m sure that it was all a ploy to discover whether or not the rumors of Blagojevich’s possible insanity had any merit.

And what about that birth certificate controversy? Isn’t Mr. Obama permitted his secrecy here? Must he really produce a valid document to prove he’s an American citizen? Does it matter that his grandmother swears he was born in Kenya or that his birth daddy was a British citizen and his step-dad was a Muslim Indonesian citizen? Why does Mr. Obama have to hire three law firms to protect this valuable document from public view? Why can’t the public just leave the poor man alone and let him assume the mantle of “The World’s Most Powerful Leader”? If it turns out later the American public elected a usurper then the precedent will be established, opening the door of the Presidency to Arnold Schwarzenegger and possibly to a soon-to-be-deposed Robert Mugabe!

All of these are “distractions”.

I would like to hear more about what Mr. Obama is going to do about Russian naval vessels in Venezuela and nuclear materials in Iran. I would like to hear what his intentions are toward North Korea’s stalling on their nuclear shut down. I would like to know Mr. Obama’s true intentions regarding Israel and that nation’s continuing peril at the hands of Hamas and Hezbollah. I would like to know if he will continue the security policies that have been keeping American streets safe since the murders of 9/11/2001.

I already know he will raise taxes and increase entitlement programs. I already know he supports the unions that have been destroying America’s capitalist businesses and America’s educational establishments. I already know he supports continuous illegal immigration. I already know he is intending to destroy the best of the world’s medical establishments with national health care. I already know he intends to nominate judges that will continue and possibly expand the American Left’s unrestricted abortion idealism.

Mr. Obama’s love of Karl Marx and Saul Alinski is no secret. That he considered communists and racists his mentors is well documented in his autobiographies. So tell me something I don’t know.

No. Mr. Obama seems to be a gift. He is untouched and unfazed by all the corruption surrounding his rise to the nation’s highest political office. He is truly the one. He must be. He has to be. How could so many voters be so misinformed or so completely ignorant to think that Mr. Obama could be as corrupt and decadent as Wright, Ayers, Rezko, Pfleger, Blagojevich and their circle of crude, rude and arrogant associates.

Nah! From all that scum there has to be at least one untarnished politician. Do you think?

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