The Party of Tolerance Doesn’t Tolerate Much

By: Craig Chamberlain

The left loves to see itself as the champions of civil liberties and tolerance, the party of the oppressed, the group that stands up for the little guy. It would be nice if any of it were true. In truth,(and anyone with an ounce of objectivity knows it) the left are little more than little Stalin’s desperately trying to stamp out all opposition to their world view. The incoming administration will not be very tolerant towards anyone who disagrees with it. Pass the fairness doctrine to shut up any opposing voices, pass card check to make sure that business can’t oppose your economic plan, nationalize health care to make people even more dependent upon the government. Yeah, that’s real tolerance.

The working people of America don’t matter, only the power of their union clients does. Too bad if the working people have to lose their jobs, or if people have to be forced to join a union they want no part of. Too bad if it drains the economy of jobs, and money. It will make the the unions more powerful and benefit the Democratic party. As far as they’re concerned it’s win-win.

If you want to see the real intolerance this is the best time of year for it. The time of peace on earth goodwill to men brings out in them violence, bigotry, and intolerance. For the left every vestige of Christianity must be purged from the country. First of all most on the left can’t believe in a God that wasn’t invented by some 60′s radical. Secondly, religion, especially Christianity, represents the greatest bloc of opposition to what they teach. By Christianity, I mean believing Christians. Those people and churches that actually believe in scripture and commandments, not Christians who have disavowed all holiness to be popular with the world at large. Christians teach right and wrong, the left teaches the only wrong is voting Republican or not recycling. Christians(and other religions) teach the importance of the family, the left teaches the family should be replaced by the state as much as possible.

Every Christmas the left launches a jihad on Christians and the symbols of Christmas. Non Christians are exempt (for now) because going after Jews or Muslims would make them look like the bad guys. The elites don’t care about Christians, after all we’re the numerical majority, so we deserve to be abused by their logic.

Need proof? Look at what happened in California to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who committed the mortal sin of voting against gay marriage. Oh yeah, they were the recipients of a whole lot of tolerance. Threats, blacklists against businesses owned by members of the church, a boycott of the state of Utah have either been started or are in the works.

We all know the stories of businesses and schools banning the words “merry Christmas” or banning nativity scenes. Keep your eyes open, they will only get worse, and this year will be no exception. In Alaska Sarah Palin’s church was the victim of arson. Anyone want to guess why? Those filthy Christians and their voting habits. I hate to see how the left would have reacted if they had lost the election. Really, they behave like goose stepping brutes when they win, and we’ve all seen how they behave when they lose. Rationality and respect are two words not in their vocabulary.

Then, of course, we have Christine “there is no God” Gregoire in Washington State. Next to the Christmas display she allowed an anti religion sign by an atheist group. This sign actually did accomplish two things. One, it showed how tolerant the left is of people they don’t agree with. Secondly the Atheists finally outed themselves as a religious group. And more fanatical in their thinking than any Christian church I might add.

The left simply cannot be trusted with guarding the rights of the American people, since they don’t recognize any rights that they are uncomfortable with, or any that get in the way of their goals. They’re in the middle of remaking society in their image, they can’t be bothered with old fashion things like religious freedom, or freedom of sppech. Those who are against what the left preach simply can’t be trusted with those things, so for the greater good, they’ll have to try to take them away.

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