Got Shoes?

By: Michael John McCrae

Man! The Iraqi journalist that threw his shoes at President Bush the other day gave me a great idea!

Every press conference given by Luis Farrakhan’s so-termed “Messiah” has been thus far filled with issue-empty rhetoric and substance-free talking points. The media is taking polls on the “likeability” of the president-elect as if he’s actually accomplished anything with his Clintonian appointments and his Teflon-coated, Illinois political machine bearing.

It is time for those who know the difference between substance and sham to root through their closets and gather all their used and no-longer-needed shoes. The Iraqi journalist, who probably studied journalism at an elite American school, has shown us the way to objectively disagree with what we are being told by politicians in general.

Journalism has morphed from its once vaunted objectivity into something much more the emotional outlet for liberals and out-of-the-mainstream extremists who eschew anything remotely resembling conservative values.

In America, when a so-called-objective journalist has a bone to pick with a conservative, one can expect the inane question or the superior talk-over as an answer is being offered. The point is the liberal doesn’t really want an answer. He wants to 1) make a fool of the person asked the question and 2) personally feel superior in his leftist point of view. It doesn’t matter that the answer to the question may be valid, issue oriented, true or problem solving. What matters to the liberal is that he gets the last word decrying any meaningful sort of reply. Reference the tactics of Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, or Ariana Huffington for solid examples.

There are conservatives who understand these tactics when it comes to any liberal answering a legitimate question posed by a conservative journalist.

Liberals just do not answer the legitimate questions of conservatives. Liberals do not debate nor do they argue. Liberals first act offended, then attack the questioner as if they have no right to ask their question. Liberals offer no solutions. They offer talking points, rhetoric and innuendo pointed at the questioner’s ignorance.

It is time to break out the shoes!

If the liberal is from Harvard or Yale and begin their leftist-bent shtick, we can match that with a size 13 Oxford. Any other university of liberal dogma can be matched with a 3-inch heel of any type, size and color. Combat Boots would be most appropriate for Hollywood leftist elites and any time Barney Frank opens his yap we could plug it with a ballet slipper or two. We can do all that of course in the name of objective journalism.

AH! But what type of shoe would be appropriate to toss at a so-called “Messiah? That’s easy. You throw a sandal or a “Flip-Flop”!

Conservatives no longer need to speak the truth. No leftist believes the truth anyway. What leftists believe is propaganda. Anything the president-elect utters is “gospel”. He is the most intelligent man who has never accomplished anything meaningful holding political office today. He gained his fame with a superior speech in support of leftist loser John Kerry. He continued to make a name for himself; not as a politician of accomplishment, but as a politician of charisma who is capable of speaking great swelling words of nothingness better than any previous socialist politico.

Conservatives must vote! I have been hearing too much lately about the Republicans losing because they are holding fast to their conservative idealism. That thought is so convoluted as to be absurd. Republicans are in remission because they have left their conservative roots and accepted the lie of socialism that states the government can do everything better than the private sector and therefore must take control of and manage the lives of Americans from cradle to grave.

For every Republican that believes the way out of the economic crisis is by trusting a Democratic majority to legislate and raise taxes, I have a pair of dog-poop-covered sneakers calling their name!

Yep! It’s time to break out the old shoes!

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