There’s Gold In those Layoffs

By: Ken Hughes

Ancient Rome was built and crumbled on the excesses of the old Roman Senate, this has been a pattern throughout history. Those who are the elected decision makers never seem to understand they’re not there to create new worlds; they’re there to manage the current ones with the consent of the governed.

Sometimes it appears the creator took all those idiosyncrasies he felt were unworthy of four legged animals and put them in two legged animals. It’s obvious the creator wasn’t one to waste, not even those things that may be harmful to the environment.

The world is going through a readjustment period, the kettles of productivity and reimbursements have boiled over. There’s been too much for too many for too long. Now the day of reckoning is here and we must suffer the consequences of our greed. It’s time everyone opened their minds and began to lift their share of the burden of debt congress has bestowed on us for the past 75 years.

The public has never demanded these grandiose hand outs Congress is famous for. They come from the minds of men and women desperate to hang on to jobs the rest of America can only dream of having. There are no Gods but congressional gods.” That’s what the public is being made to believe, the Bible calls for obedience to set principles, the book of Liberalism leaves it up to the individual and their congressional slave masters.

The current world conditions have been created by a desire to dominate and an equal desire for self-empowerment. The four freedoms are a new concept for more than half of the world’s populations. Over half of the world’s populations have been ruled by the Isms for the past four thousand years. It takes more than a word to teach a man how to fish as apposed to giving him / her one fish a day.

I believe a greater force than man is directing the way this earth in all its glory manifest its existence. By any name most people on this earth believe in something greater than them selves, those who don’t get elected to congress. The current world wide economic slow down is a way of taking out the garbage. In no way does it mean the end of civilization as we know it. Nor does it mean a few Harvard educated fools sitting around tables in Washington can resolve things with computer graphs and speculations.

To recover from the current economic situation it’s going to take the producers of the world to stand up and demand realistic solutions to unrealistic situations. Solutions for problems are being considered by men and women who never walked the floor of a manufacturing facility, who never stood on the deck of an oil rig, who never planted nor harvested an ear of corn. When was the last time Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid cleaned the dirt out from under their own fingernails, if ever? Has Barack Obama ever ridden on a grain harvester or a plow, I think not?

We shall survive, perhaps a little leaner and a lot wiser but we will survive as we always have. Every time the nation [world] goes through one of it’s periodic adjustments it comes out brighter and better than before, I have faith the current situation will be no exception. The people are more resilient than their so called elected leaders.

It’s time we all pick a God and pray he / she will guide us along a path of recovery, [sans] congressional corruption and meddling
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