My Illegal Alien Conspiracy Theory…

By: Guest Authors

By: Douglas Spear

Maybe this has been said before, or obvious to point out, but I have never heard anyone talking about it. I happened to be thinking about the ups and downs of the economy lately and of course we all know about Carter and Clinton and the Community Reinvestment Act. Of course we know about Bernard Madoff and that his $50 billion scandal was a devastating blow to Wall Street. But then I started thinking about illegal aliens, the unemployment rate, and our economic trends over the past year. Places like the auto manufacturers in Detroit who employ 500,000+ Canadian workers. How many of these Canadian workers are legally allowed to work in the United States? Then it occurred to me…

Government actually likes illegal aliens to work here because of the social security tax they get from them. What happens is, an employer hires an illegal alien, but since some liberal lawyer went to court to allow employers to hire people before being required to do a background check (which includes a SSN check), the illegal alien can work for the employer for a certain amount of time before the background check must be completed. During this time, government takes the social security tax out from the illegal alien’s paycheck. This is free money for the government, and since the employee is in fact an illegal alien, they will never see the money for retirement. So ultimately, whether the background check is falsified but approved and they continue to work, the government will continue to get the free social security tax money which the illegal alien will never see again or the background check comes back showing they are an illegal alien and they are fired, the government still got the social security tax money from their paycheck during the time of their employment. Is this a conspiracy or not? Whether it is or isn’t, it’s the truth and it’s happening.

We need to contact our statesmen and women and demand for illegal aliens to be deported. We have all seen that E-mail floating around that accounts for why illegal aliens costs roughly $338 billion each year, and that’s tax money, folks. Remember, government doesn’t make money, they aren’t a business; they are funded by our taxes. Our tax money is paying for illegal aliens’ housing, education, health care, food, welfare, etc.

Write your Representative today…they are supposed to represent US, not themselves alone.

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