Three Million Jobs Doing What

By: Ken Hughes

This prediction comes from a man who never held a real job in his life, he’s been a lawyer a community organizer and a politician for God sakes none are what could be called a job none of those endeavors require what can be considered work. The Obama administration as its coming together isn’t what can be considered business friendly. Business equates to profit and we all know Obama’s views on profits, he believes they’re there to be taxed away. Obama believes business is only there to create jobs and pay taxes, profits are vile excesses created by over charging consumers by greedy industrialists. When creating his proposed 3 million new jobs he will discover his words alone aren’t going to be enough to move mountains it will take the cooperation of business as well. That may be a hard sell for Obama and company to accomplish.

Obama is an arrogant ambitious young man lacking experience and any form of humility. He’s about to learn its congress who has the final say on what does and doesn’t happen in this government. He can only be defeated by an uncooperative congress so long before he gets his wishes he’ll be required to take hat in hand and bow down the Queen Nancy Pelosi kissing her ………hand for her approval.

Its obvious Obama isn’t a natural speaker, he a trained speaker. I bring this up to point out his jerky manor of speaking when he’s required to come up with answers spontaneously. That’s a clear indication his mouth and his brain aren’t in sync with each other. When he has an electronic bug in his ear or a teleprompter to rely on he’s a real talker, when there aren’t any electronic bugs and teleprompters and it comes to resolving national disasters that came become his problem. Obama isn’t that quick on his feet to come up with solutions on the spot. He lacks the experience to lift this nation out of the current rescission and he sure as hell isn’t going to get any help from the Clinton retards or congress.

>From the time it looked like Obama would be the nominee thinking people looked for ways to turn his election into a positive. Here’s one scenario, the founding fathers knew the minds of man and how it reacts to power. They chose to set the term of a representative at two years and a senator at six years. George Washington set the president of two terms of four years each. This was done to give the voters the opportunity to correct any errors they may have made in the most recent elections. The coming cat fight between democrats and republicans will have an adverse effect on the coming congress. Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama’s continual fight for supremacy will disillusion the voters to the point they’ll want to get rid of all of them, maybe then the country can start over with a cleaner house and a more knowledgeable president.

Our congressional and executive leadership can’t be blamed for all that’s wrong in this country, for a long time the publics demanded more and haven’t been willing to contribute on the same level. There are too many members of the Sit on their Ass*s and Bitch Party that could actually make a difference if they cared about their country. “We the People” have a voice and a vote it’s time both were put to better use. Freedom is worth fighting for, fighting doesn’t always mean with guns and bombs sometimes it can be with words and actions participating in the politics of ones choice. With the information available today there’s no reason for anyone not to be at least somewhat familiar with current conditions. If everyone asks themselves how these decisions will affect me in the long term as opposed to the short term they may get involved. If the government squanders all our money today what will we do for money tomorrow. Is a small sacrifice today better than a total disaster t

These are questions elected officials aren’t asking and should. If we have it all today there’ll be no tomorrows. Our grandchildren will be required to go back to the days of the pilgrims and start all over, is that what we intend to leave them as our legacy? Are we to leave future generations a world stripped of all things worthwhile by greed and ambivalence?

There was a time not so long age when people felt they had an obligation to do their very best at what ever they were doing, when accomplishment was the goal of every young man and woman. Liberal government officials with modern progressive ideologies have changed all that to teach it’s other’s responsibilities to share with the underachievers. Ambivalence is the engine that drives Liberalism, achievement is an evil that can’t be nurtured and still promote liberalism.

There is a solution to the excesses of congress and the presidency. Term limits of a 12 year maximum for any congressional service would clean up the corruption running ramped in congress, if it works for the president
why not congress?

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