The Great Treasury Robbery Of 2008

By: Ken Hughes

Today I feel like George Washington the father of our country, not for the reasons you may assume. I feel like a father who just discovered what Christmas is going to cost him along with the rest of the tax paying fathers and mothers, aunts and uncles in this great country. When I was young a trillion dollars was a term no one ever thought of using. Trillion was one of those words in the dictionary only academics knew about. This season the Washingtonians are tossing figures around as though those billion dollar bills were nothing more than colorful wrapping on so many Christmas presents all going in the wrong direction. The 700 billion dollar bailout has about as much chance of success as the millions sent to the Katrina victims. Any amount over $ 3.99 in the hands of congress is going to become corrupted and never reach its intended beneficiaries.

Not all congress persons are corrupt none can avoid the appearance of corruption due to their environment

A bunch of loan sharks and used car salesman went to congress with tears in their eyes and a tin cup in each hand crying poverty and they come home with more money than they know how to spend. Meanwhile “We the People” and generations to come are stuck paying the bill, it’s time “We the People” took congress to the woodshed for a good old fashion butt paddling.

George Bush congresses co conspirator in the crime of embezzlement is being excused, his job is done. Now he’s on his way back to Dallas Texas with his coloring book and a box of crayons in hand ready to commit his memories to print. There was a time when retired Presidents played golf and kept their opinion to themselves. Now they write books and make speeches about what they could have done if only they had eight more years.

There’s arrogance in Washington that transcends party lines, there are no longer any citizen politicians they’ve all become professionals. As is the case with all professionals they only concentrate on the job as described in some secret manual, if that means screwing the public so be it. Washingtonians believe they’ve become an autonomous nation within the 50 states accountable only to themselves and their superiors. They truly believe there are them and then there are those other peoples, the public are the other people. If it weren’t for a need to finance their Thiefdom the Washingtonians wouldn’t need all those pesky other people.

Thieves and robbers are vilified and prosecuted unless they happen to have earned the title through an election then they’re humored and coddled. Elective public office is the only place in American society where there are no penalties for fraud and corruption, where the most heinous behavior is surged off as though it were nothing unusual. Such acts of indifference to morally acceptable behavior are passed of as “Every politician does it” this is a flaw in the publics character as well as the perpetrators. The founding fathers wrote a set of rules they titled “The Construction of The United States of America.” This document gave leeway for the government to grow and accommodated changes as needed. It also was emphatic in protecting the citizens from the excesses of power from the government.

America is the first and oldest government on earth where the people hold their leader accountable for their actions. Unfortunately the public is often remiss in applying this privilege where and when they should. America is one of the few nations where the people don’t take to the streets in protest when their government fails them. Americans are either to civilized, to ambivalent or to lazy to protest, instead they have the privilege of going to the polls to correct any errors of judgment in the choice of candidates in previous elections. Every national elected official must go to the voters for conformation every two, four and six years, depending on their status. That was supposed to periodically clean up the process, the public isn’t taking advantage of the privilege.

American Politics is divided into three groups, those who care those who are indifferent and those who are zealots, only then do they move into the subcultures of politics. Americans aren’t nearly as politically motivated as some countries, I’m sure it has something to do with the comfort level felt with the American system of government it only works because we are a homogenized society, a mixture of all the tribes of the earth forced by geography to coexist. The American style democracy rarely works in other tribal societies where traditions are deeply imbedded and require a great deal of respect America is to new to have old traditions.

Since the days of the Neanderthals governments have failed at some point and fallen from the people’s grace. The current run on the treasury by congress and the administration may be what brings this government as we know it to its knees. Governments that rule by threats and fear a time comes when neither is taken seriously any longer by the public. It’s becoming painfully obvious the public’s loosing confidence [and respect] for this government, justifiably so.

Since Columbus landed in the Caribbean man’s desire to be his own master in a new world has been first and foremost. I feel confident somewhere deep in the bowls of most Americans the flames of freedom still burn. One way to recapture the freedoms the government has taken away is to demand a constitutional amendment creating term limits on congress the same as we have for presidents. Citizen politics is the only road back to an uncorrupted government, of the people by the people and for the people…….protected by God.

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