Is it Even Safe to be a Republican Blogger Anymore?

By: Lance Winslow

Not long ago, several high-profile conservative bloggers told of their blogging experience, and how they were attacked both online and in the real-world and when I say attacked, I mean they were character assassinated online and Democratic Bloggers did investigative sleuthing into their personal lives; calling up their associates, friends, business contacts, etc.

Amazingly enough, these disgusting tactics were actually part of the last campaign, where groups of bloggers went out of their way to silence critics, which speaks of hypocrisy as we are discussing issues of freedom, liberty, democracy, and free speech. So, is this what we can expect in the future – apparently so.

Not long ago I was asked to write for a political blog. I am not one to post information without using my real name, to me using a handle or avatar that is not me seems disingenuous and lacks integrity. Hiding under a veil of anonymity is hardly being truthful. Thus, I like most conservative leaning folks, am not so interested in writing on a political blog, as the personal attacks are a little insane.

Folks look you up on the Internet and harass you in your personal life. Now that Obama is elected, a conservative blogger will have to deal with the government’s underhandedness from folks working inside government agencies that feel it is their right to usurp authority and attack you, plus the millennial bloggers and their online and off line smear campaigns.

It’s amazing that the opposite is not true. An anti-Bush, hate speech writer can carry on, all day long on a blog or in public and get away with it. But, if anyone mentions one issue with the Obama team; they are a racist? It’s a losing game, it’s not worth it. So, I guess the answer is NO. No, I would not be interested in political blogging at this point, but that does not mean I approve of the negative online abuse from the other end of the political spectrum, I find it appalling actually. Think on this.

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