Never Let Facts Interfere With Politics

By: Ken Hughes

Most politicians never let facts get in the way of their decisions. This seems to be the case with this bailout the government is handing out to every American mega industry [of global status] that has the price of a bus ticket to Washington, Washington has elevated the bailout to Biblical proportions, “Come forth and be blessed”. I use the term Washington because at this point it’s nearly impossible to determine just who’s to blame, congress or the Bush administration. One thing is for sure the voters haven’t been consulted yet. In two years the public will have its opportunity to cast their votes on who what and when the government should step in. Congress and presidents seems to have forgotten this is a nation of people who are the ultimate decision makers.

2010 will be the time voters should demand term limits for all congress persons. 12 years in either of both houses and then out, congress should be for citizen politicians not professionals. Modern times need modern ideas from those who understand modern technologies

There’s no logical reason for the government to hand billions to failing industries when there are young man and women champing at the bit to step up to the plate and correct the ills those in charge have made of things. Anyone who ever made a proposal to a committee knows there’ll be a room full of objections why what they’re about to explain won’t work. Man enters this world with a negative attitude when the doctor slaps him / her on the butt for no apparent reason. Sometimes it takes years for man to stop crying when things don’t go their way, others never stop. This doesn’t mean there has to be a government net catching everyone who falls just because they can’t keep their balance in life.

There’s more to this trillion dollar bailout than the public’s being told. If this is something congress dreamed up it obvious they are staying one step ahead of Obama’s redistribution of wealth. Obama’s idea was to take from the rich and give to the poor. The bailout takes from the poor and gives to the rich. Congress can paint any face they like on the bailout but it has only one meaning for them and that’s political contributions. Would anyone be surprised to discover a percentage of the bailout has already been earmarked for congressional campaign contributions?

Then there’s the other scenario, has the bailout been engineered by George Bush to get even with all those who hammers away at him for the past 8 years of his presidency. From day one he was chastised for things he had no control over. For the previous 8 years the democratic congress called for Sadam Hussein’s head on a stick. When Bush delivered democrats were appalled, even as they continued to support the conflict in Iraq financially. During the Clinton administration the rhetoric coming from congress and the media was such any reasonable person would assume the nation was going to back the liberation of Iraq. The UN spent 10 years and 17 resolutions proclaiming Iraq had WMD’s in their arsenal and Sadam had to go. The world used every negotiating strategy know to man to gain Sadam Hussein’s cooperation. Liberals don’t get it, negotiating comes when guns are no longer needed. Bush delivered Sadam to the Iraqi people for justice, no democrat ever offered German Generals to Jews fo
r justice after WWII.

The wonderful thing about American democracy is everyone, citizen or not, is allowed to be as uninformed, arrogant and bitchy as they like without consequences. The worst that can happen is some verbal tongue lashing by a fellow citizen, all arguments are settled by a 49 / 51 % outcome. There are those who are hell bent of changing the way America has prospered and grown in the past 375 years. America has come all the way from Plymouth Rock to the Moon and back, not because of politicians but in spite of them.

Every rescission in America’s history can be traced to poor decisions made by politicians every recover can be traced to the people stepping up to the plate, one way or another the voice of the people is always the last to be heard. Without exception the founding fathers and those spokesmen who followed warned of the excesses of a government gone unchecked. The tenth amendment to the constitution is perhaps the most ignored of all by congress and the courts. That’s the amendment limiting the powers of the federal government. Neither congress nor the president has the constitutional authority to bailout an individual or an industry except in times of a national emergency, making Green Cars isn’t a national emergency.

I truly feel sorry for Barack Obama he came to the presidency the Messiah of change. The gods of change have spit in his eye they’re telling Obama there are no gods greater than those of time and nature. There telling him if he can’t get with the program as it’s designed then they’ll kick him off the bus. It’s a hard lesson for a young man who apparently never lost an argument too a greater power than his own ego.

No individual is stronger than the natural elements that surrounds him / her. God created all those things man is taking credit for and now God is reminding us we are second, He / She’s the man and always will be, man isn’t smart enough he can outwit God.

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