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January 4, 2009

Is Governor Palin More Qualified than Diva Kennedy? You Betcha!

Filed under: Politics In General - 04 Jan 2009

Kudos to diva Caroline Kennedy for finally crawling out of her protective cocoon of elitist wealth and privilege long enough to perform a vital public service.


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Israel, lone democracy in the Middle East and true ally to the United States, has been taking a lot of hits lately, and not just rockets. Much of the world has been quick to condemn the ongoing Israeli attacks …

Covert Actions Necessary in War on Terrorism

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Covert actions (as distinguished from the covert collection of information) are used to influence political, military, or economic conditions or situations abroad, where it is intended that the role of the US Government will not be apparent or acknowledged publicly.

Drum Roll! The Winner of the 2008 Award for Political Incorrectness is…

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It’s that time of the year — Christmas carols, shiny-wrapped presents, surprise visits by long-lost in-laws. And of course, our announcement of the annual Award for Political Incorrectness.

Atheists File another Inauguration Lawsuit against God

An assortment of atheists and atheist’s groups have filed yet another lawsuit to break the tradition of the inauguration prayer dating back to the swearing in of George Washington. This year they are targeting President-elect Obama’s inauguration. This is not …