It’s Time For Israel To Eliminate Hamas

By: Ken Hughes

Has the time come for Israel to drive those Palestinians loyal to Hamas into the sea the same as Hamas threatens to drive Israelis into the sea? The international media seems to think Israel has been the aggressor when all the Palestinians have can be credited to Israel. First the PLA then Hamas waged a terrorist gorilla war against Israel for the past 60 years while the world stood by and watched. Gaza was under Egyptian control until Israel liberated the territory in the Six Day War. The same was the case for the West Bank of Palestine where Jordon was in controlled.

Prior to the creation of the State of Israel the territory called Palestine had been occupied by non-Arab invaders for the previous four thousand years. Those we refer to as Palestinians were nothing more than nomadic Bedouin tribes until partition. The claim of assumed statehood for Palestinians came because of Israel not in spite of them. The United Nations Palestine’s greatest supporter has yet to recognize them as a nation. If it hadn’t been for the creation of the state of Israel the United Nations would have handed the territory over to Jordon and Egypt then there would have been no Palestine and no Palestinians.

Every time any origination suggests a peace conference between the Israelis and the Palestinians the Israelis are the first to the table with the most to offer, Palestinians come with unreasonable demands. Israel has given up most of what they gained in the Six Day War except for the Golan Heights and a portion on Jerusalem. In return all they ask for was an end to the harassment by Palestinians terrorists. There’s no such thing as a noncombatant Palestinian. From early childhood each Palestinian swears to eliminate all Jews from the region with death if necessary. This makes every Palestinian a sworn combatant and fodder for Israeli cannons bombs and bullets.

Anti-Semitism is a mental disease that affects far too many people. Jews are no more a threat to society than any other group of people. Jews aren’t prone to soliciting converts to their religion as many religions do, True Jewish nationality must be passed down through the women of the person, it isn’t something that can be obtained at the county courthouse. The Jewish religion is one of the oldest on earth and perhaps the most recognized in the bible. I don’t recall reading where God parted the Red Sea to allow the Catholics of Baptists to cross. And as for the crucifixion of Jesus that was carried out by those who would later become Christens. The hatred of Jews is simply man fulfilling one of the seven deadly sins.

After 1948 Israel has only gone to war in defense of its boarders. At the time of partition Palestinians were offered the largest portion of the region as a homeland, they refused believing it was to be all or nothing. In an attempt to obtain a meaningful peace settlement Israel relinquished the West Bank and Gaza to the Palestinian Authority. It only took weeks for the PA to divide into separate groups. Hamas the militants demanding once more Jew be driven into the sea.

There’s a logical reason Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq are hot beds of controversy in the Islamic world. As long as the world’s attention is focused on these nations / regions the others Thiefdom in the Middle East are free to practice the age old traditions of oppression they always have. If a young lady of Muslim faith appeared on the street dressed as many of young American teenagers do they’d be stoned to death. Life in an Islamic Society is one regiment after another with a cadre of religious police enforcing the rules. On the other side of the wall is Israel where people are free, able to do as they like and enjoy themselves. Through electronic communications the average Arab child sees what the rest of the world enjoys and knows they will never be allowed to live like this. They know they are destined to live in less than humane conditions as will their children and grandchildren. It’s enough to piss any reasonable person off. Their problem is they’re blaming the wrong peo
ple it’s their tribal elders holding them back not Israel and the civilized world.

Rather than doing something about miserable condition in third world countries, countries that are lacking advancements both economically and socially. The so called civilize world holds meeting, they appoint committees engage focus groups and do all those feel good things that end in absolute failure. Meanwhile Israel speaks softly and swings a big stick, the only thing Palestinians understand.

The first time Israelis were called on to defend their country it was only hours old. They went to war with picks and shovels riding in school buses, taxies and on bicycles. They defeated the Arab Legions comprised of several Middle Eastern Nations. Their determination to defend their little country is no less today than it was 60 years ago. Between 60 and 80 years ago over 6 million Jews were murdered. There’s a resolve among Israeli Jews that will never happen again without taking the last drop of Jewish blood in Israel. When a nation is that determined to protect it’s self there’s little the rest of the world can do to discourage them. If nothing else the Holocaust taught Jews complacency is no virtue, let the other guy turn the other cheek.

If hypocrisy isn’t one of the seven deadly sins it should be.

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