Nancy Pelosi The Bailout Babe

By: Ken Hughes

How many trees will it take to make the paper to print 3 [or more] trillion dollars? How much energy will it take to power the computers to move all those dollars around? Where are the environmentalists who should be protecting our resourced? It seems everyone with bus fare to Washington is asking for a bailout. It doesn’t seem to occur to the Washingtonians the reason these businesses are failing is because they aren’t providing what consumers want to purchase. The auto industry has known for over two years they were on a down hill slide. Ford Motor Co. was the only one to prepare in advance. The auto industry allowed the government and unions to bully them into a corner they can’t get out of. Lending instructions allowed congress to bully them into lending practices that were unrealistic. News Papers are asking for a bailout, news organizations by definition are supposed to report the facts not their biased opinions, the Internet has become the new source for news. Now several Go
vernors of blue states have stepped forward asking for supplemental funds with no thought of trimming their own budgets.

Where will it all end?

For the past eight years congress spent money the treasury didn’t have and blamed it on George Bush; presidents request, congress approves and signs the checks. In less than a month congress approved adding more to the national debt than was added in eight years of the Bush administration and the worst is yet to come. Even before Obama takes office he and Pelosi are meeting to discuss even more trillions for what they refer to as stimulus, but what the public’s beginning to see as over reaching their authority. The next trillion is supposedly to rebuild America’s highways and byways. I’ve driven from Main to California and from Minnesota to the tip of Florida, compared to other countries I’ve been in our highways are in perfect condition. This stimulus legislation is nothing more than payments for vote grabbing. The so called bold plan to rebuild what’s been systematically rebuilding for the past 60 years seems a bit ridiculous. There’s been a federal fund financed from fuel taxes i
n place for over 50 years, this is nothing less then political blackmail meant to make the new president look good.

President elect Obama is beginning his presidency laced with fear meant to entice the public to his way of thinking Obama promised to change America not bury it in debts that will go to future generations to resolve. If Obama can commit up to 5 trillion dollars in debts before he takes office how much will he request in the coming 1,460 days of his term? Obama promised to change Washington from a snake pit of corruption to a flower garden of promise. Then the first thing he does is bring back all the Clinton snakes to assist him in doing what they couldn’t do for Clinton, clean up the corruption in the nations capital. In case no ones noticed Barack Obama is a Clinton surrogate, he’s carrying Bill Clinton’s third term [child.] Obama’s in for four years of sever labor pains and a load of criticism from the media. The media has to have a whipping boy and with Bush gone Obama is next in line.

Some congress persons from both sides of the isle are beginning to sound like they’ve discovered some testosterone tucked away somewhere they didn’t know they had. Not all legislators and bureaucrats are submissive programmable drones. With proper leadership many in Washington are bright dedicated individuals willing to do the right things for America if given the opportunity. They may not win every argument but they can slow congress down and let the public know the facts for a change.

The beginning days of the 111th Congress proves more than ever the need for term limits on congressional service. How long can the citizens of this great country allow their elected officials to run around unchecked violating the constitution with impunity? America is a market based capitalist society, there’s no reason for the government to bail anyone out. There are laws in place that offer relief to those in trouble, the government giving more money to those failing companies is like giving water to a downing man. The backbones of the American economy are those with the entrepreneurial spirit willing to risk all in pursuit of a dream of independence. They ask nothing except to be free of excessive government rules and regulations that can eventfully destroy them. Most Washingtonians go from university to government service bypassing the apprenticeships that would prepare them for their jobs. How can a Harvard educated lawyer write legislation without the advice and consent of th
ose being regulated, or at least some input?

There’s no greater example of government over regulating than the Over the Road Trucking Industry. They’re told where they can eat, when they can sleep, and other regulations to numerous to list. 18 wheelers are the only vehicles on our national highways required to drive through intermittent check points for arbitrary inspections. The government’s clime it’s all in the name of safety is preposterous. There are more truck drivers with a million miles accident free under their belts than there are citizen drivers. Truckers don’t invest over $ 100 thousand dollars for a tractor to abuse it or to bring shame to their industry. This is one more example of people with nothing to do doing something that doesn’t need being done.

One of the first things any new president does when the family moves in the Whitehouse is get a dog, That’s the only way when something wags its tail or licks his face he knows it means it and is not just sucking up

Wake up America this country is about to hit the big water fall on the river of no return. It’s time for term limits for all congress persons. Twelve years service in either or both houses is enough, voters should no longer support the professional do-notrhing right politician. It’s time to return to the citizen politician with fresh new ideas and no axes to sharpen. This country is filled with ready willing and able persons who would gladly serve a limited term in congress and be ready to step down when the time came.

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