No Confidence In Obama

By: Michael John McCrae

Having served 30 years in the United States Army I served under several Commanders in Chief of which I was both proud and ashamed.

I could be proud of Richard Nixon for the elimination of the draft and the institution of the All Volunteer Army. I could be proud of his efforts to bring the troops home from Vietnam with honor against the wishes of an anti-military media and congress. I could be proud of his peace initiatives toward Russia and China that opened the doors for the ending of the Cold War.

I could be proud of Gerald Ford for sending the United States Marines to rescue the crew of the ship Mayaquez; hostages of the Communist Cambodians. I could be proud of President Ford for recovering the stature of the Office of President after the damage caused by a Nixon-hating media.

I could not hold my head up under President Carter, who permitted the presidency to again suffer incredible shame at the hands of religious radicals. Carter failed to support an ally keeping radicalism in check and allowed Americans to be taken hostage in an act of war that he then failed to act upon; keeping the United States military from responding to Islamic acts of aggression against American citizens abroad.

I could be proud of Ronald Reagan for a host of reasons. He curbed Carter’s 17 percent inflation rates and double-digit unemployment legacy. He cut taxes, creating jobs and spurring an extended period of economic growth. His expansion of the military had the direct effect of ending the cold war.

I could be proud of Reagan’s successor, President Bush, who oversaw the dismantling of the Berlin Wall and ordered the rescue of the State of Kuwait against Iraqi aggression.

But I again could not acclaim American value and worth against the atrocious presidency of Bill Clinton. To hear of sexual malfeasance and activity in the oval office; to hear of the misuse of FBI files and abuse of executive power; to see the direct effect of dereliction of duty in the deaths of sailors in Yemen and Marines in Somalia; to see international neglect in the murders of 800,000 Rwandans; what kind of a man sees the sexual gratification of himself as more important than the national security of America?

Although I could be proud of President George W. Bush for reclaiming the honor of the Office of President of the United States, I became chagrined over time because of his desire to compromise with liberal socialists and communists within the party of the democrats. President Bush failed conservative values and failed the Republican Party by his appeasements to liberal causes.

I have been very proud of his stance against radical Islamism. His call for a war against terrorism is both important and correct. Radical Islamism is something to be fought and destroyed. His predecessor failed the American people; inexcusably permitting Osama bin Laden to escape three times, enabling that murderer to plan and execute the killings of September 11th, 2001.

All of which brings me to Barack Hussein Obama.

Watching this liar has given me little confidence he will be a president of which to be proud. He has kept information from the American population that is certainly damning to his political aspirations. His cabinet post picks have fallen into the Marxist-socialist-elite class of legislation. Knowingly a Marxist, Obama’s picks are hardly surprising.

His desire to maintain the status-quo on baby-killing; his desire to raise every possible tax and fee across the board; his desire to redistribute to non-producers and illegal aliens; his desire to schmooze the world’s dictators and his personal narcissism are all pointing to an America in a path of destruction.

Obama has the full support of Congress and a very leftist media. He has engendered the support of the world’s dictators and has gained glowing endorsements from the leaders of radical Islamism. None of that bodes well for American justice, freedom or individual liberties. Obama’s need for world acceptance will hinge on his relationships with America’s enemies.

I am no longer in the military. While the men cited above held office they were my commander for good or bad. When good, I could wear my uniform in public and receive the handshake and the thanks of the American people. When bad, I faced the spittle and the defamation equally with my disgraced Commanders in Chief.

I am satisfied that I am not in the position of having to defend a Commander In Chief who refuses to be honest and seemingly has no integrity. I am satisfied I no longer have a position that would be forced to support a possible usurper and fraud. I have no confidence in this man who may become President of the United States under false pretenses.

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