Another Comedian Elected To The Senate?

By: Michael John McCrae

Gee! Another recount! Imagine that! Another recount a la election 2000 where Al Gore attempted to steal the presidency from George Bush! Only this time it seems the demo craps have done it again. As they stole a seat in Washington State with countless recounts until the demo crap had a 2 vote advantage, the demo craps are again practicing the “hanging-chad” offense to get Al Franken seated in the United States’ Senate.

It isn’t enough that we are faced with the comedic talents of Nancy Pelosi and her penchant for hiring illegal aliens to pick the grapes in her family vineyard. It isn’t enough that Barney Frank can regale us with humorous asides about the page-bordello being run out of his apartment without his knowledge or his slap-stick, side-kick complicity in the economic destruction of the American mortgage system.

How about those hilarious Harry Reid land swindles or the adventurous hilarity that ensued over Rep. William Jefferson’s freezer full of kickback cash? What of the unintended comedic value of the 17 ethics violations (and counting) of Rep. Charles Rangel? Will that greasy guy ever not slip away from the long arm of “John Q. Law”?

How hilarious will the Senate become once Al Franken is seated? Charles Schumer can’t wait now that another recount has finally given the erstwhile Franken a 200 vote advantage. He suggests Franken should be seated NOW! Gee! By all means!

Oh the supreme jocularity of it all!

But I am certain that soon we will not have to face these close contests. With the advent of a demo crap president presiding over a majority demo crap house and senate it will not be long before 20 million illegal aliens are legalized with drivers’ licenses, national health cards and demo crap voter registration cards, all gratis from the agents of ACORN.

Will the Minnesota Republican continue the contest for Senate seat number 58? Perhaps a token battle will be waged until the Supreme Court of the United States with its five liberal ideologists, agree that the Constitution of the State of Minnesota and the Nation are documents that actually permit theft of election by recount. I sense another movie blockbuster….”Total Recount II”…starring Barbara Streisand, Rosie McDonald, Susan Sarandon and Ophra Winfrey; with cameos by Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, George Clooney and Al Franken as the voice of Kermit the Frog!

The demo craps have found their winning combinations. ACORN registers Mickey Mouse and the Green Bay Packers in every state election. The registered demo crap dead are brought to life on Election Day. Illegal aliens are bussed in from Mexico City and shipped in from Havana, Cuba as tourists, given temporary resident visas and guaranteed a free meal after marking a ballot for the demo crap candidate. In event of a close race or a tie; demo craps immediately hit the courts with innumerable petitions for recount and stack the recount tables with demo crap election representatives while keeping Republican monitors a respectable 50 feet away. Then, as soon as the tally is at least seven votes in favor of the demo crap, get Jimmy Carter to declare the election official and untainted. It’s a win-win for demo craps everywhere!

There is no outrage. Demo crap Bill Richardson, under investigation, steps away from a cabinet post and there is only laughter. The Demo crap Governor of Illinois tries to get big bucks for a vacant senate seat and it is smiles all around. Demo crap lawyers thumb their noses at the United States Supreme Court; telling them they don’t need to produce any document declaring “natural born” status to the man about to be sworn to the most powerful political office in the world and media grins with untold joy in the playful deception of the American electorate. The fun just never stops!

The Senate needs Franken! Until now we’ve been faced with the most amateurish of Senate hilarity. It is time to get some true comedic talent voting our tax raises and personal liberty infringements. With Franken’s “Saturday Night Live” background I’m sure he’ll find ways of keeping smiles on our faces while raping our wallets and watering down the American Constitution.

Enter…stage left!

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