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January 8, 2009

Does Obama Wish to Cripple the CIA with Panetta?

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On Tuesday, former Clinton Administration adviser Dick Morris told Fox News Channel that President-Elect Barack Obama’s motive for the nomination of Leon Panetta to the important post of Director of Central Intelligence is to tear that agency apart. While …

Panetta Wrong Choice for CIA

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To head the CIA, America’s top agency for collecting intelligence, President elect Obama has selected former White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta. It’s a bad choice. First of all Panetta is a political hack, with absolutely no experience in …

Obama’s Non-intelligent Choice for CIA

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By nominating Leon Panetta to head the CIA, President-elect Barack Obama has confirmed fears that he, and Democrats in general, are not capable of applying sufficient priority to the war on terror and national security because they simply do not …

Why Is Bernie Madoff Not In Jail?

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A cliché commonly used when discussing justice in America is,”You do the crime, you must do the time.” Fair enough. However, why is that standard of justice nearly non-existent when it comes to a despicable swindler like Bernie Madoff?

Deepak Chopra Peddles Metaphysical Swill

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In the 6/25/07 edition of U.S. News & World Report, New Age luminary Deepak Chopra was interviewed about his novel about Buddha interestingly titled “Buddha”. Though many will no doubt fawn all over this narrative in search of some …

Palestinians Are Getting What They Voted For

Of all the tears being shed for Palestinians of late, none are coming from my eyes. The Palestinians are receiving the benefits of their election results.