Palestinians Are Getting What They Voted For

By: Michael John McCrae

Of all the tears being shed for Palestinians of late, none are coming from my eyes. The Palestinians are receiving the benefits of their election results.

The elected government of the Palestinians is a terrorist organization called Hamas. The stated goal of Hamas is the destruction of Israel. Israel is a sovereign nation. As a sovereign nation, Israel is entitled to protect its territory and its population from enemy attack. Hamas, the avowed enemy of Israel deserves to be completely annihilated.

Palestinians, whether part of the PLO, al Fatah or Hamas are affiliated with terrorism. Yasser Arafat might have enjoyed the rank of chief diplomat of the Palestinian people, but he was simply a terrorist murderer. That Arafat was accepted by the likes of Bill Clinton or Kofi Annan as a legitimate national leader is a moot point. A snake is always a snake.

The world’s media is siding with the terrorists. The “poor” Palestinians are suffering under Israeli “aggression”. Media says that Israel should stop its “disproportional” assaults on the poor Palestinians. Media doesn’t speak of the thousands of terrorist attacks executed by Palestinians against Israel.

The Arab bloc of nations whose diplomats reside in the United Nations decry Israeli aggression while ignoring the terrorist atrocities committed by Hamas. The double standard is truly in force.

No one needs to cry over the beheading of Hamas’ leaders. They are merely following the dictates of their blackened, murderous hearts. The leaders of Hamas plant themselves amid the so-called innocent population they govern and surround their weapons caches with women and children. These women and children are killed when a Hamas ammunition depot is discovered and destroyed, but that somehow becomes the fault of Israel. Well, that’s all CNN spewed crapola!

The truth of this matter is that the Palestinians who danced in the streets on September 11th, 2001 have broken every truce and treaty ever suggested in the diplomatic relations between Israel and Arab for the past three decades.

As soon as Israel caved in to the first “land for peace” deal, Arabs have suggested cease-fire upon cease-fire and truce upon truce if Israel gave up a few more of its precious acres. Every truce lasted just long enough for the terrorist Palestinians to regroup, rearm and plan for the next land grab. Now the Arabs are close enough with their missiles to threaten Israel’s nuclear plant and turn the region into a radioactive wasteland.

Israel must completely destroy this threat. To give one more square inch of property to terrorists in a vain hope for peace would be an act bordering on national suicide!

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