Global Warming: The Truth Behind the Hype

By: Guest Authors

By: Matt Brady

So back in 2006 Al Gore released his film “An Inconvenient Truth” which detailed the global warming crisis. Well there are a few problems with the global warming idea, and I am definitely not the only one who thinks so. The generally accepted belief is that global warming is caused by CO2 gas created from the burning of fossil fuels and even us. Let’s look at the first piece; is the Earth warming up? Despite the mass media’s attempts to paint this as conclusive, it is a very complex question with many alternate theories from a variety of extremely bright people.

We do not have 100% accurate climate data to compare the current temperatures to. It was assumed in the initial report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that these historical figures were accurate, but there is even debate on this. For argument’s sake let’s move on and say these numbers were accurate, then there is still another issue with the balance of the Earth. On March 19th, 2008, NPR reported that a fleet of 3,000 probes measured temperatures in various areas of the ocean; the conclusion was that ocean temperatures, on average, were decreasing.  I didn’t see a movie about that!! Some scientists believe even though the surface of the Earth is warming, there is cooling elsewhere as is the natural tednancy of the Earth to remain in balance.

Ok so if that isn’t enough let’s go back to the original report from the IPCC that spawned the Inconvenient Truth film. It quoted that 2,000 experts in their field supported the results of the IPCC report in its’ entirety. We are finding out that this is not completely true either. Many of these scientists do not fully or even partially support it. One such scientist is Professor Paul Reiter who has argued that the Global Warming controversy is nothing but a sham.

What it Comes Down To

There are several other smaller arguments and a few that attack the original data directly that I won’t get into. (Check out the links at the bottom for more info.) The whole point is don’t believe everything you hear. Honestly I can’t say we are the cause of global warming or even if it is occurring, and no conclusive evidence yet exists for anyone else to make a decisive assessment. For those who understand the natural history of the Earth we started as a ball of hot lava, cooled to a life-sustainable temperature, then moved into an ice age, then thawed to where we are today. To say that the Earth will always remain constant is ignorant, but on the same token to conclude, with insufficient evidence, that we are the sole cause of climate change is questionable. I am one for the truth, not inconvenient or convenient. I am tired of these partisan splits and bold face lies being advertised as truths.

Here is my main concern. Let’s say we just continue to assume that CO2 emmissions are the major factor in global warming. We decrease CO2 emmissions but we find that this has no effect because the warming was  due to a natural Earth cycle, or something else entirely. This means coastal cities across the world will flood, many species of plants and animals will become extinct, and we will need to develop systems to adapt to the changing climate. It is important that we get to the truth.

Global Responsibility

Whether you believe in global warming or not, I think sustainable clean energy is a responsible and healthy path to travel. Without regard to the GW argument, pollution sucks! That being said the change cannot happen overnight. The technology behind alternative energy methods is evolving but it is not ready for national implementation. If I have learned anything from technology it is that time yields a much cheaper and more effective product. We need to encourage the development of new technology to harness clean energy, and slowly convert our energy sources over to utilize these technologies. As some encourage, mass implementation of alternative energy at this point is a major waste of money, and would yield poor efficiency and reliability over the technology we will develop just a couple years from now. Let’s keep the research going and work to fix the problem as technology evolves. That is the smart and responsible solution for a nation who is in debt 10.5 TRILLION dollars and counting!

UPDATE: Global Sea Ice is at the highest level since 1983. The last few years have actually marked an unprecedented increase in the amount of global sea ice. Another interesting finding for a media that touts global warming as fact. Check out this article.

Matt Brady

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