A Fine Mess

By: Eddie Clements

Looking forward to the inauguration of the President-Elect, Hamas is practicing their song welcoming a new foreign policy in Washington, “Sweet Home Al-Obama”. Obama’s excuse for not commenting on the current Middle East conflict is the “one-president-at-a-time” theme. Surely, he could express support for what the current President is doing, or coordinate some kind of coherent response behind closed doors, to maintain the façade of unity or continuity. Obama’s silence far more likely testifies to his disagreement with the current U.S. policy of unconditional support toward Israel. Look for sympathy to the Palestinians and efforts to restrain Israel’s struggle to simply survive.

Nothing else is going right, either. The news comes in so fast it is hard to keep pace. Bill Richardson had to withdraw from consideration from the Obama cabinet, citing possible legal difficulties. How familiar is this tune becoming?

The President–Elect was forced to turn to yet another Clinton-era politician, seventy-year old Leon Panetta to serve as Director of the CIA. Having no experience at intel, he will have to train on the job. While Panetta is one of the more palatable Democrats, he has the unfortunate belief that captured terrorists can be pretty-pleased into divulging information. Islamofascists are watching in shock and awe as we weaken ourselves.

Rod Blagojevich threatens to make a mockery of the liberal faith. His apostasy taints the messiah himself, the President-Elect, though a delinquent press refuses to investigate or link them. He exposes the Chicago/Illinois political sewer from which a mutated, dare we say “changed”, Barack Obama slithered. The Governor needs to resign, say Democrats. Because his intentions are now malevolent, not good; he is for himself, not the “working man”? No, readers; the sin is ultimate – the Governor is obvious. Democrats have scrambled to maintain damage control. The chief clerk of Illinois (the Secretary of State, a Democrat) claims veto power over the elected Governor’s lawful appointments by not signing (certifying) the papers.

Caroline Kennedy has demonstrated no previous interest in participatory politics, and now claims a seat as a divine right of inheritance of a ruling family with good intentions. She manages to offer a contrast with Paris Hilton: between the two, one actually has experience participating in political ads. Good intentions have run afoul of the need for actual practice. She keeps saying “you know” during interviews, but WE DO know. The question is, does she? Senators should know something. WE aren’t going to the Senate.

Charlie Rangel, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, cheats on his taxes. He offers the dog-ate-my-homework lame excuse that his stupid wife did it. He will be exonerated for his long record of good intentions on behalf of minorities. Besides, as a minority himself, he is just reclaiming past injustices. There are NO calls for his ouster, as would be the case were he a Republican.
Democrats in Congress can’t run their own cafeteria at a profit, or even break-even. However, they can design and market cars that THEY say WE want. In any color, as long as it’s environmentally friendly, inclusive, inoffensive, and union-made. Support your local enviro-nuts (contributors) and corrupt union bosses (contributors). They refuse a seat at the counter to a black man. Majority “Leader” Harry Reid interprets the Constitution to mean no one gets into the Senate without the Senate’s approval. Would someone please just stand up and plainly say he is incorrect?

Speaking of enviro-nuts, global warming alarmists are straining to stretch the winter’s cold temperatures to cover the global warming mantra. One can only wonder what evidence could be presented to the eco-faithful to allay their fears. After all, if it gets cooler instead of getting hotter, doesn’t that provide a clue that the “emergency” is not so urgent after all? The evidence acting contrary to their beliefs only underscores the fact that global warming is a socio-political phenomenon, not a scientific one.
Trial lawyers want no regulation of their ability to pursue claims in liability over trifles, yet want to micro-manage doctors’ compensation received and methods used in promoting health and saving lives. Health care is a “right”.

Democrats desire to end the secret ballot for workers in voting for or against unionization in their shops. This will allow dissenters from union membership to be identified and tormented as in the Spanish Inquisition.

Voters in Minnesota elected a failed unfunny comedian, failed radio-show host, and person of questionable character with zero political experience to the Senate over a former mayor and sitting Senator. Another Secretary of State and alleged former ACORN member, this time for Minnesota, has seen to it the election has been thrown to the Democrat. In fairness, it should be noted Norm Coleman must be pretty weak not to garner 60% of the vote against Al-Franken.

Atheists attack Christianity, from the disputative message at the Nativity scene in Washington State’s capital to protesting the inaugural benediction. Barney Frank had the gall to say he found Pastor Rick Warren’s invitation from President-Elect Obama to provide the inaugural prayer “offensive”. This is from one of the arguably most offensive persons in the Congress. Hearing Frank speak or seeing his image on television is deeply offensive to me. That he takes it upon himself to dictate housing policy for the whole country should be offensive to any American. Other gay activists have taken exception to the presence of a man they simply disagree with, but their stated objections go to Warren’s Christian beliefs. Ironically, Warren is the type of man who will pray for their souls rather than condemn their actions. In this, he is a better man than I.

After rushing through legislation to print $700,000,000,000 before the world ended by Friday (which it had not by Monday), Obama proposes to rush to print another approximately $1,000,000,000,000. One wonders where this will come from, but we know where it will go: to line the pockets of Democrat operatives, contributors, politicians and election-fixers all over the U.S. A welfare check is now a “tax cut”. Businesses will be allowed to “write off losses”. Huh? Businesses have always been allowed to subtract “ordinary and necessary expenses” to arrive at taxable income; see Section 162 of the Internal Revenue Code. It used to be, no income, no income tax. What are they talking about? It appears the “change” paradigm will encompass the confiscation not of simply a portion of the excess of revenue over expenses, but part of revenue, profit or not. Can you see it coming? It will be the “patriotic duty of business allowed the privilege of operating in this great nation to contribute their fair share to support its people”. Read: wealth redistribution. Even after the financial debacle caused by Democrats was revealed, voters elected Democrats to fix economic problems irresponsible Democrats caused.

Bill O’Reilly shared with his television audience a phone conversation with a caller to his radio broadcast. After some wrangling, O’Reilly extracted the confession from the man that he doubted terrorists actually attacked us on 9/11, the conspiracy theory that Bush did it. The man expressed belief that the ACLU watches over our civil liberties, not knowing the celebrated and deceptive Union was started by Communists to disrupt U.S. society through court actions. Despite Democrats being the party of the American apartheid, voters like the gentleman caller elected a black Democrat president.

All of this calls to mind the late great William F. Buckley Jr. writing in his column for The National Review issue of May 28, 2007. He talks about myths surrounding democracy, one of which is that democracy itself is all that is needed to produce prosperity and progress. No, he argues, first one needs order.

Democrats do not say order is breaking down, but they promise order. All we have to do is agree and keep electing them. In fact, order is breaking down in the U.S., from without and from within. One of the first signs of this is not simply the symptoms described above, but the fact that dissent from Democrat prescriptions for order will soon be disallowed. An uninformed, mis-educated electorate deficient in analytical skills and consumed with “self-esteem” and “rights”, but no responsibilities, will be powerless to prevent disorder from becoming change we don’t want or need.

Eddie Clements

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