Good By President Bush y Buena Suerte

By: Ken Hughes

George Bush our 43 president will be leaving office January 20th this year. In retrospect he’s done a very good job with no more than the usual number of mistakes. His most damming error was his judgment of his domestic enemies. From the get-go democrats weren’t about to cut Bush any slack or offer any cooperation. In 2000 Bush did something democrats would never consider doing, he followed the law. Bush was treated as an outcast by democrats for the next eight years because he followed the constitution. Few presidents have been maligned in the way Bush has been. Perhaps John Adams, Abraham Lincoln and Harry Truman can be counted among those who preformed and its taken years for their reputations to recover. Presidents are never properly judged until the grass is growing green above them.

I’ve often referred to the American public as sheep, perhaps that’s to harsh a statement. What I should have said was they’re overly trusting and excessively ambivalent about their government. The USA is one of the very few governments where the people’s choice is all that’s supposed to count. If the people fail to properly exorcize that choice then they have a corrupt congress that’s out of control. Neither George Washington nor Gorge Bush had / has any direct control over congress. The public’s ambivalence and the Medias thrust for blood makes it difficult for any president especially a Republican president to do their job unencumbered by harsh criticism.

Each of us will have to judge the accomplishments and failures of George Bush according to our own beliefs. George Bush came from one of those eastern elitist families by way of West Texas. Bush was as plain as the dusty streets of Midland Texas. No one can say he’s anything other than one of the good old boys next door. There’s a lot of Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan in George Bush, all three were men who preferred to chop wood than sip martinis, men who could manage white tie and tails but were more at home in boots and jeans, men who knew the taste of wild game and appreciated the games contribution to society.

George Bush was neither our worst president, [that title goes to Jimmy Carter] nor was he our best [that title goes to Ronald Reagan.] George Bush was high on the list of the more than capable presidents. Like Barack Obama George Bush was handed a pooper-scooper and a bag and told to clean up former a president’s mess. George Bush inherited an international and domestic war on terror. Barack Obama’s inheriting a war on congressional arrogance corruption and greed. At least Bush’s enemies fought out in the open like men. Not so much with congress, they prefer to hide in the shadows and let the gullible and the unsuspecting mouth their words and fight their battles.

My personal complaint with George Bush was he was far too accommodating, Ronald Reagan said it best when he said “Trust but verify”. Thomas Jefferson warned the public of the excesses of an over bloated government and the over bloated egos congress.

George Bush will return to Dallas and Crawford Texas, build his library, [hopefully without Arab money.] His library is scheduled to be built at SMU in Dallas he’ll undoubtedly be given a professorship and go on the lecture circuit. Let’s pray he isn’t going to be one of those mouthy ex presidents who don’t know when to keep their opinion to themselves like Carter and Clinton.

A kinder gentler more civilized American people wish you the very best Mr. President. You did one hell of a good job considering what you were given to work with. May the wind and God always be at your back gently moving you forward to the end of a very long trail!

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