The Declaration of Dependence

By: Eddie Clements

While wondering if Russia or China accepts pleas from U.S. citizens for political asylum from oppressive states like Obamanation, the President-Elect’s economic speech 01/08/09 sounded strangely like Hitler’s promise of “new weapons” soon to be deployed that were supposed to tip the outcome in favor of the NAZI’s. How do you “develop new technologies”? He’s thinking of something equivalent to the Manhattan Project, developing the atomic bomb. Government will “develop” alternative energy. Well, my car doesn’t use alternative energy, so it won’t help me anyway.

With soaring rhetoric, Obama’s speech is the ultimate expression of the victim culture made manifest: we have all nearly been undone by capitalism. The damage has been caused by those who would limit government; only expanded government can save us. This ignores Reagan’s observation that government is the problem, not the solution. Obama believes the opposite. In keeping with liberal orthodoxy, Obama proposes sweeping changes to ensure the victim mentality is institutionalized with a Declaration of Dependence.

Having never run a business, or developed any technology himself, Obama thinks invention can be commanded into existence, and expertise enacted through written position descriptions. Don’t work that way, Barry. Thomas Edison is said to have made 1000 unsuccessful attempts before perfecting the light bulb. Enclosing the filament in a vacuum was the spark of genius that, should it have come in a government setting is more likely to be debated to death and summarily rejected before trial. The Manhattan Project was successful because it was mostly engineering: devise a deliverable weapon. The atomic bomb had a theoretical base from which to begin work, it wasn’t started from the ground up.

We have come far. Now we are in danger of losing it. What has capitalism done for us?

American innovation and enterprise developed through private initiatives some of the most useful and widely used devices the world has ever known in its history. These include the automobile, advancement in personal conveyance that is a quantum leap over the immediately previous mode, the horse and buggy. It gets you overland quickly, comfortably, reliably and safely, while protecting the passengers from the elements. The airplane does the same, freeing man from bondage to the Earth’s surface contours, temporarily to be sure, but enables fast travel over extremely long distances. Leave it to American bicycle makers to understand the need for delicate balance to achieve flight.

Mass production of houses on the Levittown model enabled large segments of the population to purchase private homes with their own yard spaces, private kitchens, and personal inside sanitation. The clothes washing machine, dryer, and electric stove made domestic chores far more convenient, and improved the quality of service utility each of these devices provide. Americans discovered and harnessed electricity, lighting the world with the incandescent bulb. Electrical power was channeled efficiently to homes, and with washers and stoves and vacuum cleaners, freed families from arduous, time consuming labor in ordinary cooking and cleaning. Home environments were made more livable with air conditioning and heaters.

Note Levittown’s are still there. Jimma “The Builder” Carter’s liberal labors of love, homes built by Habitat for Humanity, are falling apart after about ten years.

Telephones and their progeny, cell phones, provide not only full-duplex sound communication (both parties can talk and hear at the same time), but also enhance personal safety. The cathode ray tube (CRT) was a British invention, but Americans made it into a workable, affordable network of sight and sound, television. Literally the world could be brought into any individual’s home that had a TV set.

An American engineer at Bell Laboratories invented the transistor, to replace tubes. Then we developed the integrated circuit, an improvement over transistors. This enabled widespread manufacturing of the home computer. The U.S. Navy first developed computer technology, thought useful only for defense purposes. The cumbersome room-sized box required arcane manipulation to input data for processing, and was not thought fit for individual consumption. Imagination and know-how by ordinary Americans down-sized the box by inserting the processor chip, hooking the box to an ordinary typewriter keyboard for data input, making operating system software to facilitate use, wiring it to a CRT for visual display of the data, and viola! Personal computing, evolving to the World Wide Web, an unprecedented advancement. If you could go back in time 200 years and tell someone this was coming, you would probably be burned as a witch.

The original room-sized computer could only add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Enormous energy was required for running the beast and cooling it. Texas Instruments married the adding machine to the computer, now held in your hand and powered by batteries, pronouncing it the calculator.

We discovered oil deposits here and unleashed the energy held in the gooey mass. With oil we power vehicles of all sizes and types to run machinery enabling travel and freight hauling, also heating reactor vessels making products like plastic, itself a by-product of petroleum.

And those are just a few of the physical things.

Concepts like freedom of speech and expression of religion, equality under the law, a system of checks and balances, codified Bill of Rights (long before the U.N.’s meretricious Human Rights statement), habeas corpus and others are social advances established all in one country for all its people.

This is the only nation ever to help rebuild its enemies after defeating them, and then leave them to develop further on their own instead of staying as permanent occupiers. Plenty of nations harbor conditions so condemnable people will risk their lives to exit. This is the only nation I know of where people will risk their lives to enter, seeking a better life for themselves and their families. No other socio-political economic system in world history has done so much for so many in so short a time with such efficiency (to paraphrase and glom up Churchill).

How has capitalism hurt us?

Well…it ain’t perfect. That is all the liberals need to trash it. Recall Obama’s speechifying about “achieving perfection” in “this great country”. If it’s so great, why does it need wholesale scrapping of two-hundred-years-plus performance? Because everyone isn’t equal. When everyone is completely equal, there will be perfection. In fairness to Obama, he did say the process may take a few years. Obama believes this can be effected through government administered by Democrats – who couldn’t run a House bank on their own. Remember the check kiting scheme a few years back?

Worse – though it may not seem possible – no debate will be allowed if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gets her way. She is proposing rules to institutionalize one-party rule among Congressmen. Silencing talk radio will be a priority, because it will no doubt be described as “divisive”. The goal is “unity” – defined as absence of dissenting opinion. Television and print media are already on board with Democrats; radio is the holdout. Control communications and you control the country. Then we are all dependent.

Eddie Clements

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