How Essential Is Print News In The 21st Century

By: Ken Hughes

There was a time when everyone from 5 to 95 read some portion of the daily newspaper. Newspapers told the civilized world what it needed to know, before that there were other forms of communication keeping mankind abreast of current issues. Over time drums and runners gave way to more modern forms of communication, now the daily newspaper has become the victim of technology. I must admit I haven’t read a newspaper in years, like so many these days I let my fingers do my reading for me by way of my computer. There are so many new ways to find news providers such as the internet cell phones and radio breaking news is just a click away.

Newspapers and congress are a great deal alike both have lost prospective of the modern technologies. Neither is willing to step aside and let progress take over. Hurst Media one of the nation’s largest providers of news via print radio and TV stayed stuck in the muck of news paper and red ink allowing Sky News [Rupert Murdock] to fly through the air right over their heads. For years congress has battled Murdock because he wasn’t toeing the line of liberalism the way they wanted. Things evolve and as much as congress would like they can’t hold back the electric impulses of progress, whether congress accepts it or not the 21st century is here to stay.

Politicians fear what they don’t understand and fear voters will realize they don’t understand even more. It would be a simple thing to bring experts together and listen to their explanations. That would mean a politician is less informed than a commoner and that’s unacceptable in political circles. There’s arrogance among those who go to Washington to supposedly serve their country when in fact they’re going for their own benefit. By the time a politician reaches the national level they’ve learned all the tricks of denial and survival.

There’s nothing in the construction that allows congress to interfere in the flow of private enterprise except where public health and safety are concerned. There was a time when congress justified interfering in commerce under the guise of the interstate commerce act, congress no longer feels the need to do that. There’s an old axiom in law enforcement “Follow the money” to solve the crime. That same axiom applies for politicians but with a slight revision of the words. “Control the money to get away with the crime”. President elect Obama is going to have a very hard sell trying to convince the public more debt will get the country back on its feet, by now most people are aware it was debt that caused this current recession. Obama Reid and Pelosi can make this trillion dollar stew they’re cooking up made out of ham hawks and hog jowls intended to taste like chicken but it isn’t going to work. There’s only so much bull sh*t the public will tolerate before they stick back. Congress
is still subject to public review every two years, as long as they don’t take that away there’s hope for a brighter tomorrow.

If there’s such a thing as reincarnation I’m sure in another life Barack Obama was one of those self-proclaimed traveling Doctors peddling paten medicine to the yokels out across the American plains. Nancy Pelosi could have been a madam in a San Francisco Bordello and Harry would have been the fellow, who changed the linen and swept out the whorehouse every morning, In order to become a successful democratic politician one must have failed at a number of other positions in life. All democratic donkey mascots have the same brand “LCS— lie cheat and steal,” it’s the code of the Democratic Party. Right now the democratic leadership is lying through their teeth about how spending a trillion or more dollars the treasury doesn’t have will reinvigorate the economy. How will Obama employee 6 million people who’ve been laid off by industry? The United States government isn’t prepared to employee 6 million people in make-work jobs there isn’t that much make-work to be done.

Is it possible this entire melt down of the economy is a ruse orchestrated by the DNC to set things up for Obama’s socialist grab of America from one end to the other? Socialism never comes to the front door and rings the bell it always comes slithering through the cracks in the foundation. Socialism is like a toxic gas it’s transparent and orderlies yet lethal, by the time its recognizable it’s consumed everything around it. It’s time for those who care and believe in America as the freedom loving country the founding fathers gave us to stand up and be heard.

If true conservatives start now with the 2010 congressional elections we can change America back to what it has been and should be, a land of “We the people” not they the politicians. Stand up America be aggressive in the fight for freedom from socialism. Check conservative web sites daily be informed

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