Running a P.C. War

By: Leigh Patrick Sullivan

Canadians who are part of the anti-war crowd (also known as ‘the unemployed’) have been ripping into the latest incident in Afghanistan like a pit bull into a toy poodle.

Not content to just limit their embarrassing comments to the usual inappropriate times, namely while a flag-draped coffin is being unloaded from its journey home, the Taliban-friendly unwashed among us has swarmed to the issue of one Capt. Robert Semrau who has been slapped with a murder charge. To listen to those who are against our military involvement in the war-torn nation, one gets the impression they feel an investigation and subsequent appearance in court is just a huge waste of time. He’s guilty! Someone died in a war zone! Bring the boys home!

Of course, it is extremely early in the process. Understandably in this time of war, information has been scarce in order to protect not only the investigation, but in the interests of national security overall. Rubbish, the sandal-saddled shout, more interested in an opportunity to discredit our own Bravest than to see Afghanis achieve their goal of a safe and free nation. They have thrown the expected allegations of a ‘cover-up’, questioning the gap in time between the alleged incident and the charges – roughly 2 ½ months.

Rubbish, all right.

What we do know is that the shooting occurred during a firefight with Taliban insurgence. Canadian, Afghan, and British soldiers were defending the capital of Helmand province, Lashkar Gah, from an insurgent attack. The charge is that Cpt. Semrau shot and killed an Afghan male who has been called ‘an unarmed suspected militant’. In a sane, non-politically correct country, this is known as ‘killing the enemy.’

But not here in the nation that worries more about our enemies ‘human rights’ than the rights of Afghan women and children.

One remembers the outcry when former head of the Canadian military Rick Hillier shocked the snot-nosed masses when he transformed the image of our military from beret-wearing peace-keepers back into fighters in order to go after ‘detestable murderers and scumbags’.

“We are not the Public Service of Canada. We are not just another department. We are the Canadian Forces and our job is to be able to kill people,” he famously said in 2005.

The thought that our bravest men and women would actually be called upon to kill an enemy force is completely foreign to the latte pseudo-elite. In fact, one has to question if they believe that freedom itself is worth fighting for.

Even the reality of a ‘War on Terror’ is considered debatable to these people.

As much as Hillier’s comments were seen as confrontational and controversial, he did represent the strengthening of the force and a major boost to their image.

People die in a war zone. Soldiers don’t always have time to frisk someone when bullets are flying overhead, and often have to make life-saving decisions by the split second. A Taliban fighter or sympathizer – armed or not – is still the enemy.

Our Armed Forces are putting their lives on the line to help the Afghan people establish basic rights and freedoms, including the right to be presumed innocent until found guilty. Perhaps we could show the same consideration to one of our own.

The Moderate Separatist

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