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For those of us who believe life can imitate art and movie scenes are metaphors for reality, consider the Black Knight from Monty Python And The Holy Grail.

Good King Arthur wishes to cross a bridge but the Black Knight blocks his way threatening death. Stunned by the Black Knight’s belligerence, Arthur realizes he has no choice but to engage his antagonist. A sword fight ensues and Arthur chops off the Black Knight’s left arm. Arthur, believing he has proven his physical superiority, tells the Black Knight to stand aside. “Tis but a scratch,” the Black Knight responds and the fight continues until Arthur hacks off the Black Knight’s right arm. Refusing to surrender, the Black Knight fights by kicking, claiming “Just a flesh wound.” Next to go is the Black Knight’s right leg. “I’ll get you for that,” he threatens. Finally, Arthur severs the last leg and the limbless Black Knight snaps “Come back here and take what’s coming to you. I’ll bite your legs off.”

Like the Black Knight, the belligerent foe, Hamas, vows “death to Israel” and launches volleys of rockets day after day. Finally, seeing there is no choice, Israel responds with a volley of her own missiles and bombs, much bigger and more powerful, inflicting great damage on her adversary. Hamas warns “black destiny” and continues launching rockets deep into Israel. Israel responds with an onslaught of bombs, decimating Hamas fighters, infrastructure and leadership. Hamas warns Israel to send no soldiers or “Gaza will be their graveyard.” The ground offensive is launched, the Israeli bombings continue, and the Hamas military is pounded and further whittled down. Hamas continues talking tough and fires more missiles.

When it comes to belligerence, futility and poor judgment, Hamas and the Black Knight are kindred spirits. But the similarity ends there. Hamas does not fight like a knight. Knights use real shields, not human ones. Knights do not attack women and children. Knights do not hide in schools, hospitals, or places of worship.

So carry on good King Arthur. It is not your fault the Black Knight does not know when to quit. So carry on Israel. Your enemy is like the foolhardy Black Knight – but without the chivalry.

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