Refreshing Change of Pace: Boston Herald Attacks Sarah Palin

By: Warner Todd Huston

I admit it. My headline was a sarcastic slam on the Boston Herald. But, then again, for her latest Palin slamdance Margery Eagan deserves no less than all the opprobrium that can be visited upon her poor, hate-filled, blackened, grinch-like little heart.

In hers headlined “Unbearable Mama Grizzly clawing way to Oval Office,” Eagan so revels in her hatred of Sarah Palin that one suspects that she was foaming at the mouth while writing the thing (or dictating it to her assistant, as the case may be). At the very least we end up with a spittle-specked pile of intemperance as spewed forth from her keyboard, for sure. One wonders if she ran out of her meds before she flipped on her computer?

Catch the childishness of this first paragraph:

Like a Nixonian Nanook of the North, Sarah Palin emerged from her igloo this week whining, griping, giving me an excuse to trash her again and you an excuse to call me unspeakable names in the comment section beneath this story online.

If this is her best, I’d suggest she give up “journalism” and take up writing rants for teenaged girl’s MySpace pages for a living.

Eagan is ostensibly reporting on the YouTube video of the Palin interview by John Zieger. Of that interview Eagan says,

This time, sympathetic and conservative talk show host John Ziegler interviewed Nanook (I stole that from Ground Zero of Palin hatin’, MSNBC) for a documentary on the 2008 race. As of yesterday, the nine-minute clip on YouTube had nearly 750,000 hits, proving that mama “grizzly,” as she called herself, remains irresistible.

We just can’t get enough. She’s like Elvis come back from the dead!

I’d remind Eagan that Elvis really is dead. Just like her credibility.

Eagan claims that Palin’s newest tactic is to “whine” that everyone is out to get her. Then Eagan goes on to prove that she is, indeed, out to get Palin. I can only say to Eagan that Palin isn’t “whining” if it’s true. Fortunately, no one with any credibility imagines that the press is innocently reporting the news where it concerns Sarah Palin. It is patently obvious that the Old Media is out to destroy her and she has a right to point it out.

Eagan mentions the Katie Couric interview, but it doesn’t escape notice that Eagan pulled a favorite Old Media trick when referencing Couric. Notice above she called John Ziegler a “conservative”? Well here is how Eagan labels Couric:

Asked why she didn’t answer Katie Couric’s question…

So, John Ziegler is the “conservative” John Ziegler but good ol’ Katie Couric is just Katie Couric? Why no label for the liberal Katie Couric?

Then Eagan indulged in the next favorite pass time of the nose-in-the-air, liberal elite: dissing small town America.

But can you blame her? Once you’ve been east of Juneau, it’s tough to go back to Wasilla.

Eagan obviously believes that it is a sort of hell on Earth to have to live in Wasilla or Juneau. I am sure that it is far worse to live in Wasilla, Alaska then crime ridden, blighted Boston, Massachusetts, eh?

Eagan really put her all into her hate piece. Unfortunately for her it all appears rather juvenile instead of witty. And people wonder why newspapers across the country are going belly up?

Now, originally I was thinking of naming my posting about the Herald piece “Insufferable Dizzy Mama Claws at Sarah’s Orifice,” but I was afraid that people would be too confused before they got an explanation of what I was going on about. But, anyway, you know what I mean now.

Still, what is most amazing to me is that it seems that I can write about an Old Media attack piece on Sarah Palin every single day, and every single day that same Old Media is whining that they really aren’t out to get Sarah Palin! It’s all rather like the old joke of the wife caught in bed with her husband’s best friend who tells her outraged hubby that she isn’t having an affair. When he points to the naked man next to her she says, “Are you going to believe ME for your lying eyes?”

That is what the Old Media is asking us. Are we going to believe them that they aren’t out to get Palin or our own lying eyes that plainly see that they are out to get her?

It’s getting so bad that I risk becoming an all Palin, all the time writer at this point!

Well, Old Media, as the band The Eagles once sang, you can’t hide your lyin’ eyes. But, I guess we can at least hand it to Eagan. She didn’t even try to hide anything like the rest of her ilk does.


I found it amusing to here note another column that appeared the day before Eagan’s juvenile excuse for a column did. It was penned by Alaska columnist and radio host Dan Fagan… more properly called the “whining” Dan Fagan. I have to note that Eagan was pointing her vitriol-gnarled finger at Governor Palin and calling her a “whiner” because she had the gall to complain about the constant character assassination in which the Old Media is indulging. Eagan ridicules her for it as if it somehow diminishes her for the effort. Yet, here is her colleague of calumny doing exactly the same thing; whining that HE is being attacked by Palin’s fans.

Fagan is the one that broke the initial story that caused Palin son-in-law-to-be, Levi Johnston, to quit the ASRC program in which he was enrolled.

In this follow up story in the Alaska Daily News, Fagan is whining that he got some mean emails after his attack on the Palin family.

This Fagan incident is a perfect example of the hypocrisy of the Old Media. On one hand they attack Sarah Palin for daring to point out how they are ravenously attacking her and yet, on the other, they whine when someone turns an attack upon them.

Total hypocrisy.

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