Somehow, it’s all Israel’s Fault

By: Craig Chamberlain

No other nation in the world we be expected to put up with daily rocket attacks, suicide bombings, kidnapped soldiers, being surrounded by legions of Nazis screaming for genocide, and threats of nuclear destruction and be expected to ignore it. If China were attacked daily by terrorists located in Mongolia, those terrorists wouldn’t last long, and the world wouldn’t make a peep if the Chinese chose a “disproportionate” response. Yet Israel must have international permission to defend itself. Name one other country that has to put up with that.

Hamas attacks Israel, that’s Israel’s fault.

Palestinian civilians suffer from corrupt and brutal rule of Hamas and Fatah, that’s Israel’s fault.

Hamas is so gutless that they use schools, mosques, and civilians as shields, that’s Israel’s fault.

Arab countries, are backwards, reactionary, and dysfunctional, that’s Israel’s fault.

Let’s be clear about the cause of this most recent conflict. It’s not about any Israeli policy. It’s not about Israeli aggression. It doesn’t look like the Israeli government has a policy, and this war was started by the Hamas Hitlerites, again name one other country that would be expected to put up with daily attacks on its people.

Why the double standard? Anti Semitism. It’s what fuels Hamas and all the other terrorist groups, and it’s what fuels the hostility and indifference in the rest of the world. Jews have always been singled out, as religious others, as wanderers with no nation of their own, as capitalist(or communist, it really didn’t matter to the propagandists) subverters who betrayed the fatherland during the great war, now they are hated because they have a state of their own. Somehow they went from being victims of Nazis to being Nazis themselves.

It’s that kind of moral relativism, and muddy headed thinking that has gotten the world into the idiotic state that it’s in. The world will claim that it’s not anti semitism, it’s just opposition to Israeli policies that make them take the side of nazi murderers. That reasoning just doesn’t hold water. Israel is a jewish state, and is held to impossible standards because it is a Jewish state. If Israel was wiped out, Europe might hold a moment of silence, then would go right back to being the loyal servants of the Arab regimes.

Israel has bent over backwards to make peace with the Arab nations. They withdrew from Lebanon in 2000, only to be greeted with Hezbollah rockets. They gave back the Sinai Peninsula in 1979, only to have Egypt be the main supplier of Hamas. Then Prime Minister Ehud Barack offered Yasser Arafat all the Gaza Strip, 97% of the West Bank and a Palestinian captiol in east Jerusalem, only to have Arafat spit in his face. This makes Israel a Nazi state? Not only is this idiotic it cheapens the real victims of nazism. Where are the Israeli concentration camps? The Israeli Nuremberg laws forcing non Jews to wear identifying clothing?

If you want to find Nazism in the Middle East you only need to look to the Arab states. Look at Hamas, they glorify the holocaust(while at the same time denying it as a Jewish hoax) they dress like they’re going to a KKK rally use the Nazi salute as their own, and Hitlers magnus opus, Mein Kampf, is a best seller in the Arab world from Marakesh to Muscat.

Hamas explicitly states that its goal is not the liberation of the people of the Gaza Strip or the West Bank, but the complete and total destruction of Israel. Living in peace with their neighbor is nowhere in their charter. Anti Semitism and anti semitism alone fuels Hamas. If Israel surrendered all of their territory and moved their population to the United States, Hamas still wouldn’t be satisfied. Like Hitler and his final solution, Hamas, and the other terrorist groups in the Middle East beleive that no Jew can be left alive.

Yet, we scream for a cease fire so Europe can protect Hamas… I mean the Palestinian people. We demand Israel stop defending itself, take down the security walls, let millions of “palestinians” to flood Israel, (and if Israel could just vanish that would be nice too). Israel refuses to roll over and play dead, and actually engages in such uncilized behavior as fighting terrorist groups.

Hamas wants genocide, and Europe sides with Hamas. What’s that tell us? Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Palestinian authority, all want to wage war. Yet, it’s Israel that’s a barrier to peace. Somehow, it’s all Israel’s fault.

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