The Republican Party The Phoenix Of Politics

By: Ken Hughes

Three times in the past century the Republican Party has committed suicide and risen up from the ashes like the mythical phoenix. In his final days as president George Bush may have provided the fuel that burnt the party creating the ashes of the next phoenix. We’ll never know if it was revenge or just poor judgment that caused Bush to fuel the fires of this recession. What ever it was he left the country no better and no worse than he found it in 2001. Frankly Mr. President we expected better from you we gave you eight years and you failed us.

My liberal friends tell me Bush had a republican majority of congress in his hands for six years of his presidency. No president has ever had congress in their hands, congress is separate and equal to the president and they are well aware of it. Nothing a president requests ever makes it through the halls of congress as it was presented. All the bills labeled “The Bush …….,” were passed by congress or they wouldn’t have become law. Even the 17 billion bailout Bush approved for GM and Chrysler, [not the auto industry] was pre-approved by congress. Words can be a tricky thing and no one knows how to use them to their advantage more than congress.

In 2006 the know nothing, do nothing republicans in congress sealed the fate of the party for the 2008 election. Not only had the republicans in congress turned on their leader, the president, they turned on the voters. They trashed any sibilance of conservatism that may have been left in the party. Pseudo conservatives came flying out of the bat caves in droves siding with democrats, there were so few real conservatives they were hardly recognizable to the naked eye. Those who did stand up for their conservative values were shot down by the media, the opposition and even their own party. RINO John McCain put on his best face pretending to be a conservative while standing around allowing Sarah Palin to do all the heavy lifting and take the heavy shots.

Ask any democrat and they’ll tell you politics and the constitution are evolving, not the evolution of Darwin rather the evolution of society and government. It’s the rigidity of the constitution not it’s flexibility that controls the excesses of government [i.e.] elected officials. For the past 230 years we’ve been one nation under God with an inalienable right to choose our congressional servants every two years. It takes a lot for the voters of either party to wake up and smell the coffee, or perhaps better put the rotten apples. Eventually the truth be know and changes are made, and always just in the nick of time. That’s what makes America such a great place and that’s why the rest of the world envies us so much, while chastising us at the same time. When a foreigner tells us they love the American people but hate our government we’re obliged to inform them the American people are the government.

No offence to Jews, I truly believe Americans is Gods chosen land.

Are Americans better off because of or in spite of government intervention into their lives? Our government feeds on the entrepreneurial efforts of its citizens, when that spirit is diminished by excessive regulations and taxes the nation suffers. It was the quest for adventure that sent Cristobel Colon [Christopher Columbus] half way around the world searching for dreams of wealth and accomplishments. For those same reasons the pilgrims left England searching for the better life without government intervention. The more the citizens become dependent on government for handouts the closer we come to those frightful days of yester-year when the government made our decisions and controlled the wealth for and of every citizen.

The blame for indebting the nation to the tune of over a trillion dollars in a matter of weeks will be left for the historians to hash out and generation far into the future to pay. Regardless what our new president says debt caused this rescission and more debt isn’t going to bail us out. Any child who’s tried to barrow on his next weeks allowance knows better than to think debt creates wealth.

Americans have always been obsessed with the benefits of our form of democracy and for all the wrong reasons. Our system works for us because we are an immigrant culture as opposed tribal cultures most of the rest of the world is made up of. Because we’re a homogeneous society we can critique others from accumulative previous experiences, few nationalities have that privilege. That also means most other cultures neither understand nor want what we’re selling, Americas curse has always been trying to convert others to our way of thinking regardless of whether they wanted it or not.

There’s no where the American curse is more obvious than in our political system. Presidents and congressmen use grievances in other parts of the world to strengthen there positions at home. Selling a war to the American people is about the easiest thing a president and congress can do, making a war popular is another matter. Until Al Qaeda came along WW II was probably the last legitimate war America was involved in. and yet America’s been involved in combat 24 / 7 since Japan surrendered in 1945. In the aftermath of world war two America was the last giant standing, Americans felt an obligation not only to save the world from starvation but to protect it from future harm by the barbarians left in the world. Old habits are hard to brake, that and politicians need an enemy to scare the public into obedience.

American politicians have yet to learn there are times to fight and times to let others do their own fighting. We Americans can no longer afford to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders while they shirk their responsibilities of self protection. America has been the world’s protector for over 60 years, it’s time to retire and let someone else do the heavy lifting.

The 2010 mid-term elections are coming up sooner than we think, its time for every conservative to contact their county republican chairperson and make sure they get it, No More RINOS in congress.

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