Christmas and New Year in Prison

By: Jim Gilchrist

In February 2007 agent Ramos was savagely beaten after being cornered by a gang of illegal alien prison thugs while supposedly under the protection of prison guards at the Yazoo Federal Prison in Yazoo, Miss. When news of the brutal beating surfaced over two weeks later agent Compean was locked away in solitary confinement, restricting his ability to move about, all in the name of protection.

What happened to the drug dealer Aldrete-Davila? He was busted in El Paso, Texas in 2007 on federal drug smuggling charges, over a year after the border agents were sent to prison.

Meanwhile, in December 2007, a judge for the 5th District Appellate Court said “federal prosecutors may have overreacted in their case against the two Border Patrol agents.”

Judge E. Grady Jolly was quoted to say: “For some reason, this one got out of hand, it seems to me.”

The judicial tragedy continues with additional errors and flaws. Legal counsel for Ramos and Compean, attorney David Botsford, says the jury should have been given privy to Aldrete’s long-time criminal record: “The original trial should have allowed jurors to hear evidence that Aldrete was “not [just] a [drug] mule, [not just] a simple one-time [border] crosser.”

Americans, Minutemen patriots and activists have been earnestly asking members of Congress to persuade President Bush to pardon the agents or commute their sentences by the end of his term in office.

In December 2007 members of the House of Representatives created a non-binding resolution asking for the immediate commutation of the prison terms of Ramos and Compean. Prior to this writing President Bush had agreed to review the case, saying “a pardon was possible.” Sadly, to date there has been no action by the White House in this matter.

Many believe with the commutation of the sentence of Vice President Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, Lewis “Scooter” Libby, the precedent for pardoning the border patrol agents has now been set. Bush’s and Cheney’s buddy appears to have had his sentence commuted as a “good ol’ boy”. “Scooter” had spent one short day in jail. Ironically, Bush and Cheney called Libby’s 30-month prison sentence “excessive.”



President Bush has issued well over 100 pardons and commutations since being sworn into office; 29 convicted felons in one month alone!

YOU DECIDE. Should Ramos and Compean continue day in and day out in solitary confinement 23 hours a day?
Should our heroes be forced to limit their personal hygiene to less than three showers a week? Compare that with the lenient treatment of suspected terrorists held at GuantanamoBay’s medium-security Camp 4 who are given the freedom of up to nine hours of exercise and a warm shower each day.

It is time to make a vigorous stand to demand the immediate pardon and release of Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean.

Send George Bush a message today! Sign our petition to pardon Agents Ramos and Compean NOW!

Americans, it is time to take command and “stand your ground!” I am calling on all Minutemen and Patriots to send a powerful message directly to President George W. Bush. Tell him to pardon agents Ramos and Compean. He has nothing to lose and the respect and appreciation of millions of Americans to gain. Tell Mr. President to create a final legacy of fairness and compassion.

Sign our petition today and send a powerful Minuteman Message!

“Be the solution!”
Jim Gilchrist is the founder and President of the Minuteman Project, a multi-ethnic grassroots organization dedicated to border security and immigration reform. For more information see

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