Incoming Administration Naive About Iran

By: Craig Chamberlain

Incoming Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, says that the policy of the incoming Obama administration would be to engage Iran diplomatically. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Remember that on the campaign trail President-elect Obama promised to meet with rouge leaders and nations without preconditions. At the time it was dismissed as campaign rhetoric for his left wing base.

Well, apparently it wasn’t just rhetoric. The new policy of the incoming government is to sit down with bloody handed terrorists and tyrants, pour them a cup of tea and politely ask them if they would behave themselves. Does Hillary Clinton think that she is the first American diplomat to think up of this idea? What does she think the policy towards Iran has been since the revolution in 1979? The Carter administration, the Reagan administration, the George H.W. Bush Administration, the Clinton administration, and the George W. Bush administration all tried to “engage” with Iran. We’ve spent 30 years looking for the elusive moderates in Tehran hoping that we can cut some kind of deal.

What did this policy get us? The thugs, who were under Khomeini’s control took our desire to talk as a sign of weakness. For our eagerness to talk we got “Death to America!” “the Great Satan”, Hezbollah, our embassy taken over, and hostages held for 444 days, and 241 Marines in Lebanon murdered by their mercenaries. So the “change we can believe in” is really just par for the course? We’ve tried talking maybe it’s time we tried doing something. But, no, the state department with their love for endless, pointless negotiations, and meaningless talk will continue to blather away at the Mullahs hoping maybe if they whine enough they terror masters will cave in like an impatient parent who gives into a bratty kid just to get him to shut up. That’s a strategy that will strike fear in the heart of terrorists.

On one level, Senator Clinton was right to criticize the Iranian policy of the Bush administration. But she’s critical because she thinks that the Bush Administration hasn’t been dovish enough. This is what the United States is facing for at least the next four years. She wants to engage them to give up their nuclear ambitions and to make a “constructive regional actor.” But not to worry! She promises she’ll only talk to Iran if it advances the interests of the United States. Whew! What a relief. I was worried there for a minute. Oh wait… we still should be worried. The more we talk, the more Iran attacks.

During the Clinton years, where engagement and negotiation were the norm for all of our foreign problems, the Iranians weren’t a friendly government. We talked and talked, and for our troubles we got terror attacks after terror attack. Remember the Khobar Towers? There should be no doubt that it was an Iranian job.

And it’s not as if the Bush administration has been particularly hawkish. We’ve done nothing as they develop their nuclear capabilities, for “peaceful” purposes we’re assured, we’ve partnered with the EU, we’ve tightened trade restrictions, we’ve stopped the Israelis from attacking the nuclear facilities inside Iran. We’ve tried all the soft power tactics that the State Department and the Democratic party are so fond of. Has it worked? Well, the Iranians are still governed by terrorists, they’re still working on nuclear weapons, and “Death to America” is an official government policy not just a slogan at rallies. So it would be safe to say that we’ve just been wasting our breath for thirty years.

Obama likes to talk about change. In fact it’s almost all he did talk about on the campaign trail. A real change towards Iran would be to(finally) stand up to the thugs of Tehran and promote regime change so that the biggest supporters of terrorism in the world can find themselves out of a job. However, for a President-elect who thinks that Ambassador to the UN should be a cabinet position, and has promised in the past to meet with any leader without preconditions, it’s lunacy to think that he would actually stand up to the terrorists in Tehran.

People who believe that it’s their holy mission to turn the world into a medieval theocracy aren’t likelym to be reasoned with. The sooner that someone in Washington(anyone please) learns that, the better.

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