Poor Obama He’s Black & He Can’t Win

By: Ken Hughes

Obama can’t be a successful black president! He could be a very successful president who happens to be black given the opportunity. The NAACP and other black activists aren’t about to let him forget he’s black first and president second. In the eyes of the new breed of black slave masters, [Black Community Organizers] having Obama president is nearly as good as getting those reparations blacks have been demanding for years. The [rock] of representing all the citizens of America and the [hard place] the demands of his former black community will be the tug of war Obama will be caught in for the next four years. Because of his ethnicity Obama’s being put in a no-win situation.

Dr. Condoleezza Rice has proven ability transcends color. She’s served with honor for eight years without her race once becoming an issue. The only criticism of Dr. Rice has been accused of is she’s to white for her black cousins. This 21st century black / white divide black activists keep feeding is not part of Dr. King’s dream, Dr. King’s dream was for blacks and whites to travel this land hand in hand and not be concerned with color. Dr. King would be appalled at the special privileges demanded by many blacks as most of the public is. In the past 40 years black activists have turned the civil rights movement into a cash cow worthy of the praise of every con artist in the world. Blacks are being duped as actively as whites are being criticized.

Will Obama be able to startle the fence of racial division and satisfy everyone or will black vs. white issues continue to prevail. In 40 years the tax payers of this country have contributed more money trying to repair the divide between black and white than congress has spent on the war on terror since 9/11. Many blacks have accepted life among the regular people is a difficult journey with many ups and downs. They are the people next door with the kids who play with our kids and never think twice there may be a difference. Life can be pleasant in the burbs if no one has an agenda. It’s only when one group [black or white] feels the need to elevate their status above others that things get out of hand. There’s a very good reason for the continued controversy perpetrated by black activists, there’s gold in those protests.

While looking for ways to accommodate his black cousins with new social programs of entitlements will Obama address some of the real problems in the black communities of America? As a community organizer Obama seems to have failed his constituents in his neighborhood in Chicago. He’s been an Illinois State Senator, United States Senator and he certainly doesn’t have an impressive record changing Chicago for the better. Chicago leads the nation in murders, petty crimes drug trafficking, high school drop outs, single parent homes, mothers with fatherless children. Chicago is first in about every illicit activity known to man. Like so many Affluent blacks Obama thinks with a government bailout in their pockets all blacks will turn out to become solid citizens like he and his ilk. It hasn’t worked for the past 40 years and why is that? The reason is because the bailers are doing their part and the bail’es are falling short, the unskilled and unmotivated can’t be inspired when the rewa
rds are the same regardless. Self esteem doesn’t seem to be important with many of Obama’s friends and supporters.

President Bush made a profound prediction in his interview on Fox Sunday. He said the Republican Party is without leadership and he’s right. Congress is like a large contingent of cats, there all cats but they are neither organized nor compatible, each has a personal agenda and that’s remaining in congress at any cost. Congress survives in increments of two year appointment by the voters. Congress may test the temperament of the people but they aren’t going to piss them off to a point of being rejected. Obama has yet to experience the constitutional article that makes congress separate but equal to the president will he forgo tradition and piss congress off? He certainly hasn’t come face to face with Queen Nancy [Pelosi]. Obama is about to learn in Washington talk is worth about as much yesterdays lawn clippings. Congress moves at it’s own pace in it’s own direction, the only thing that give them an appearance of activity are the press releases they hand out to the media.

Obama growing up half black and half white may have prohibited him from understanding either, he may be like immigrants who come to America he thinks with an accent, he knows all the words but not the meanings nor how to correlate them into meaningful thoughts. In case no one has noticed when Obama is giving a prewritten speech the words flow like the sounds of Mozart, when he’s speaking off the cuff his words come one word then a pause or the Uh, then an other word as if he’s a slow thinker, that or he’s just unsure of himself. Obama is about to find out his first experiences with congress will be like riding a rollercoaster. There are still enough Eastern Redneck Racists in congress they aren’t about to concede power to a [black boy] from the hood.

Obama hasn’t asked me and likely he won’t. However I have a piece of advice for him, while in Washington verify and never trust. Your best Washington friend will steal your jellybeans.

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