Who Designed My TV Remote?

By: Christopher M. Barra

My television remote control has 55 buttons. That’s about 40 more than I want or need. It rarely works the way I expect. It is woefully complicated, it does a lot more than I want it to do except when I want to watch a DVD, it won’t do that. I need my AUX remote for that – with almost as many control keys that I also don’t want.

I was considering abandoning my remote controls for the old-fashioned carpet walk from the TV to the couch, but unfortunately the electronics on the TV have advanced to the point of rendering it so complex, it is completely inaccessible directly by humans. Whether I want it or not, I must depend on the remote or I don’t watch TV.

While searching for my electronic nemesis one night, the TV dark, a thought occurred to me, it was the second already this year:

We have 535 U.S. United States Congressmen and Senators. We have no direct access; we can’t operate without them. We don’t want most of them. They burden us by doing far more than we want them to, and what we want them to do, they don’t. They are controlling in our lives, yet we can never find them if we really need them. There is no way to avoid their negative impact on our lives, and we can’t get rid of them.

..and then I had to wonder…

Did those rascals design my clicker?

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