Fence Sitting

By: Guest Authors

The Republican Party has not followed conservative principles for a long time .It has been controlled by what I call the middle of the road liberals, who are mostly Globalist They hide behind, the reputation of the Republican Party ,for being a Conservative Party.

Not like Gov Sarah Palin who is a true Conservative, but her believes were keep toned down by her Party leaders.

We have few true Conservatives in public office. The moral fiber of our politicians has steadily gone down hill as more and more liberals have taken control.

WE should do like the Brit’s let only one party be in charge at a time. That way you truly know who to blame when things go wrong,then you can vote them all out and try a new party. As it is both fight the other all the time and I think that is a waste of time and money.

What the liberals want is not the freedom that the founding fathers visioned but a freedom base on low morals. When you raise your children to be animals you should not be surprised
if they turn on you and bit your..

I have found that the Bible has more wisdom than all the liberal books I’ve read and as a ex-liberal I have read quit a few. Conservatives need to realize that they need to convert as many
liberals as they can to our believes.

We have set by for to long and let our young people be turned into Liberals while our country goes to Hell.

God is not mocked what we sow we reap. We must resist and fight liberals and their believes.

To many want to make friends with the Devil ,thinking they can make peace with him and he lies to them , saying that he will be their friend. Sort of like those that want to make peace with Muslim terrorist.

Conservatives hit it’s peak in the 50′s . We had less hard crime ,neighborhoods were safer and any shootings at schools were gang related .

We took care of America first and it’s people. The Government budgeted , no large National Debit. We controlled the Government not them controlling us.

We had faults but we were trying to work them out. Most people today never lived in the 50′s and don’t really know what it was like. Am I trying to bring back the 50″s ? No, but the conservative moral values and principles would work today just as then.

Apparently Liberals just want things their way even when there is something that works better and many conservatives sit on a fiance watching them do it.

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